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  1. What about a november rain or knockin on heaven's door tone?
  2. Thank you!!! This is pretty darn close!! I think the only way I'm gonna get the tone spot on is if I get the seymour duncan slash pickups.
  3. Hi guys! I'm fairly new to the Line 6 community and I'm looking to find a genuine slash tone. I know you guys probably get a ton of these posts, but I haven't been able to find a tone that sounds like Slash's on AFD. I know my amp comes with a preset Sweet Child tone, but it isn't like slash. Could it be my guitar and/or pickups? I tried turning tone knobs all the way down on the guitar and it is a little bit closer to slash's tone, but not quite. I have a Spider IV 120W 2x10 Combo Amp and I'm playing with an Epiphone LP Traditional Pro. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!
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