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  1. Hi guys! I'm fairly new to the Line 6 community and I'm looking to find a genuine slash tone. I know you guys probably get a ton of these posts, but I haven't been able to find a tone that sounds like Slash's on AFD. I know my amp comes with a preset Sweet Child tone, but it isn't like slash. Could it be my guitar and/or pickups? I tried turning tone knobs all the way down on the guitar and it is a little bit closer to slash's tone, but not quite. I have a Spider IV 120W 2x10 Combo Amp and I'm playing with an Epiphone LP Traditional Pro. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!
  2. rtorie0415

    Looking For Slash Tone on Spider IV 120W

    What about a november rain or knockin on heaven's door tone?
  3. rtorie0415

    Looking For Slash Tone on Spider IV 120W

    Thank you!!! This is pretty darn close!! I think the only way I'm gonna get the tone spot on is if I get the seymour duncan slash pickups.