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  1. Had it in Standby. Describe your issue?
  2. For what it's worth, I like to use the JTM 45, P75 and the 9/15 models on my DT50 and Marshall Greenback loaded cabinet for more classic rock and blues tones. I like the Plexi model but there's something about the P75 model I like more and a friend of mine who owns a RI Plexi agreed. I think if there was a 'jumped Plexi' then I'd be right into that but as I don't have a HD500 I'm unable to run two amp models to replicate blending the two channels found on the real amp.
  3. Are you using DT Customizer by chance? If so, have you had any problems? I am using it on my iPhone but the app just crashes on the iPad. :(
  4. As you most probably already know, the HD series Pods really shine when matched with a DT series amplifier as the modelling is done at the 'preamp' stage of the Pod and then REAL tubes/configurations are dialled in at the power stage to give you that 'tubey' goodness we all love. Sounds like you steering towards a reasonable size combo but there are some things you could consider. 1. What are your circumstances? Bedroom or regular stage player? 2. Decide on tube or solid state. If you run the 'FULL' models on the Pod HD it may make more sense to run with a high headroom amp (or power amp) that has a reasonably flat response and wont 'colour' the tone from the already modelled power amp from the Pod HD preset. 3. Does the amp have an effects loop? Although the Pod HD has different 'connecting to' options, the most 'ideal' scenario would be to run 'studio direct' into the FX return of your amp and that way theres less EQ compensation happening and more of a 'simpler' signal chain.........in this instance to me, less is more! 4. Does buying an amp like the Fender Mustang (or other modelling amps) even warrant using the Pod HD? Those Mustangs actually are pretty reasonable for the price (let the flaming begin!! :ph34r: ) and the optional footswitch would open the amps potential and make it a cheap work horse for stage with decent results......... and have plenty of volume. I think the bigger Mustang versions have an FX loop you could use for the Pod HD? 5. You could consider using a powered speaker for home and stage. 6. My experience with the Frontman is, they sound nice for a 'Fender clean' but thats about it and I question its reliability. I suppose theres actually quite a few options you could choose and none are the 'right' answer, rather just another way of doing it and its all subject to budget v's expectations and the situation it will used in etc. ...................I know you don't need to hear it but, my first choice would be to recommend one of the DT series amps as it gives you the best chance of making a good tone an awesome tone. ;) And if for nothing else, as all guitar players do, we all 'need' more gear and are all looking for that new thing thats going to get us 'that tone' and to a large extent, the DT amps kind of 'future proof' themselves by offering you a few simple yet effective REAL options that should keep most players happy for a long while so to me, it's cheaper in the long run as I'm not looking for a bandied solution . Good luck with on your journey, let us know what you decide and shoot back any questions you may have. :)
  5. Hi Simbo. Yes, that interface will be perfect. I hope you enjoy the DT25 and it serves you well! Be sure to report back in after you've had some time with it. ;)
  6. Yes I suppose your right Simbo! Maybe there logic behind is to keep costs down as not all users would be plugging in for updates/editing and the like, dunno.
  7. I'm pretty certain you can't. I double checked the PDF installation guide and it only mentions using a USB-to-MIDI interface. You would hope they would mention your method if it was possible. M Audio uno Midisports are cheap. I've done the update and would highly recommend it! ;) It's awesome to have the ability to run 8 amp models across the topologies. With a midi Mobilizer II connected, I use DT Customizer for iPhone and iPad to load amp models in the amp depending on what 'flavours' Im choosing at the time or needing for a gig etc. For me it was totally worth the investment on a little hardware to expand the potential of an already awesome amp. :)
  8. When I had a DT25 combo and extension cab, I always thought the sound was huge and fat!!! I never missed the 4x12 with that rig, just a massive tone really. I didn't change out the stock speakers. Now I'm having great results with a DT50 head on a Greenback loaded 4x12 and I'm enjoying the tones to be had with that combination too, I choose the Greenbacks particularly as I was aiming for more 'vintage' tones. I'm a fan of Beam Blockers aswell. I used em' with a V30 loaded cab and they worked a treat. Personally I remember the open backed DT25 rig to be less directional than the V30???
  9. I'm using a Marahall 4x12 loaded with Greenbacks with my HD400 - DT50 setup. I pretty much use all the Marshall models ( JTM 45, Plexi Bright, JCM800) on 'preamp models'. I was shooting for more 'classic' tones of which the Celestion Greenback is known for. Perhaps the 2 models of speakers found in the Line 6 cabinets cover most sonic territory that the diverse range of consumers would need. For me, I'm a Marshall guy but couldn't afford 3 or 4 heads and so I use the DT50 as a more than adequate 'consolidation' of the Marshall catologue and for me, my choosing of a Greenback loaded cab helps get the specific era tones I'm chasing. I hope that makes sense.
  10. Yeah you could definately flash with the first two but not sure about the controller. Good luck!
  11. M Audio Midi Uno 1x1 should work as a simple USB to Midi in/out cable. http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Uno.html For updates with my DT50 I've had succes with the Rig Kontrol board by Native Instruments which is part of Guitar Rig if you where thinking of a good VST http://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/guitar/guitar-rig-5-pro/ Also the M Audio Key Rig 49 is a pretty cheap controller or try looking at the Samson Graphite series that come bundles with Komplete Elements by N.I http://www.samsontech.com/samson/products/usb-midi/ Cheers
  12. Thanks. I'm embarrassed to say I overlooked the link on that page! I've created a ticket and hopefully I get a reply. Cheers
  13. Hi guys. I'm a new owner of a DT50 and new to the forum so, apologies if this has been asked before. I'm in Australia and wondering how I go finding out if my amps serial number is one with the transformer problems and if so, what's the next step? I bought mine second hand but I'm not sure if there was a 'recall' or acknowledgement of the issue that entitled customers to have this repaired gratis? I can't seem to find a way to contact Line 6 via email and ask myself? I'm just trying to establish if this is something I should/could have done now before it blows at the show!! Thanks :)
  14. Thanks guys for your help. After some more research I too found the 500 is the only model that can adjust Z. It's a little disappointing I'm having this problem but as I got the HD400 used it's not like I can return it so for now, Im just plugging straight into the DT50 and using my own stompboxes and to be honest theres something I prefer about that over tweaking inside the Pod, maybe because it 'feels' more lie a 'traditional' setup. (running 8 models in the DT50) Regardless, Ive never been happier with my tones. Cheers :)
  15. It feels like an input thing yes. Is there adjustment on the input with the HD400?
  16. Thans for your reply. Yep, got the latest firmware and have the SLO models. I also use the Tubescreamer as a boost. The basic tone is the same but its just the lesser gain from the HD400 is the issue. Im wondering if there is an input pad on the Pod somewhere? dunnno
  17. I've loaded 8 amps into my DT50 through the DT50 Customizer. I find if I run straight into the amp, I get a little more gain than if I ran the HD400 into DT50 with the EXACT model PREAMP (not full) settings? The basic tone is still there, it's just the gain issue. I use the Plexi Bright model and I'm using a Strat with low output pickups so I need all the gain I can get!! I'd prefer to use the HD400 via L6 if I can get this sorted because for now I find I like the tones of the amp with my own pedals out front (BB Preamp) and in the loop (I can't find a delay I like as much as my TC Electronic Flashback) I gotta say I don't like the volume increase when the modulation and delay effects are engaged too? Otherwise the rig is INSANELY awesome and is one of the best rigs Ive owned and I have had many, many fine valve amps so kudus to Line 6 from producing this fine piece of gear. I just love it!!
  18. I've experienced the same issue? Interested to get other uses stories and/ or solutions?
  19. I just recalibrated my expression pedal ! yay
  20. Hi guys. Running HD400 w/DT 50 via L6 and experiencing a 'low volume' issue. Amp volume MAX, 'PRE' models on HD400 MAX, EXP pedal MAX and its only reasonable volume? (I have updated firmware in both units) To test the amp I loaded eight models into the DT50 across the eight topologies with DT Customizer and the amp in 'stand alone mode' is working perfectly.....and gets plenty loud!!! BTW, if nobodys done it, it is very cool to 'simplify' the DT50 by doing what I did and just using it a 2 chl amp if you can get away with that. I've still got flexibility as I can select 2 of 8 models at a time so I dial in the amp I need for what I need at the time. Running TC Electronic reverb/delay and a BB Preamp out front for boost and switching chls with tip/sleeve F/S OR a midi floor board for the 8 amps. So much tweakablity and options and its all come together except for this one problem. Any help would be appreciated :) Regards
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