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  1. That IS strange isn't it! I used to have a DT25 combo and extension speaker that as you say, stacks perfectly. I never would have thought two extension cabs would not stack well? You would think the amp and speaker cabinets would be the same size, no? Interesting :huh: I honestly think Line 6 COULD implement add on packs for DTxx owners but I don't think it'll see the light of day IMHO. I think the idea would come much too late and by then a new model DT would be released. Theres around four new amp models that take my fancy and I could go and buy a new HD500 but that just seems way too extreme just to audition a few new models, hoping they'll be worth the spend. I can't complain really because I already think my DT50 sounds great with the 30 models right now so I not too upset! Im interested if the DT series with be continued on because I'll be there all over again if they do. I wonder if this line will be obsolete like the SV series? Personally I'm half expecting there would be a DT series II due to the success of this gem they created. Even the haters love this amp after they here it. Sure, other Line 6 products have risen and fallen in popularity as the trends change but I reckon the DT amps will be 'one of products' they got 'right' when we look back at it.
  2. I'd love to be able to purchase the new 'Metal' and 'Vintage' packs and run them standalone on my DT50 as I don't use a POD HD. Of course, an update for the DT series amps to include the new models won't anytime soon as they are a purchased add-on and that's to be expected at this point in time. Theres a couple of models that I really like in the new releases but I'd have to purchase a HD500 or a lower model and wait. <_< Anyway, a good update for HD users none the less!! :D
  3. Theres another benefit to owning a DT series amp that I think hasn't been covered or maybe I missed :mellow: Your able to mix and match HD preamps with different power amp configurations!! YAY! So if you want an AC30 model with a 'resonant' topology instead of the default 'zero', you can. I find this part of tuning my sound very helpful. I guess you could replicate that feature with some clever EQ'ing on something else if you weren't running a DT amp but it wouldn't be the same because that topology 'assignment' is from a tube power amp and is very real. I use DT Customiser with my iPhone ALL THE TIME to edit functions within my DT50 itself and I can't imagine why this feature hasn't been tapped into by more users. Such a unique and awesome tone shaping tool. You can't get that on any other AMP as far as I know. My 2 cents anyway.
  4. Vince. I'm almost certain you won't have any luck running the dmg file sorry. Touch OSC will work but it didn't seem as intuitive as the other editors, to me.
  5. I was the original poster on this thread have been where you are. I'm surprised more people haven't made any comments on this issue or maybe they don't use it? Sadly I don't really have the answer you need as I temporarly lost the version I had been running but later found it on another drive so I was able to re sync it to my iPhone. Otherwise there was no way I could get the editor back from the net anywhere! It's just gone and the writer doesn't reply to email. Off the grid If you use the above links you can download DT Edit which I run on my mac but I'm certain I used to have that running on my iPad AGES ago? Try that maybe. Not the answeres your probably hoping for but I can concur with your findings! If there's anyway I can share the 'app' file with you, let me know ( don't know if that's even possible with iTunes accounts etc)
  6. Theres been many discussions on this topic. Some players say there is NO difference and some say there IS a difference when you compare the DT standalone verses the DT/HDxxx combination. Until I purchased a high quality XLR for the L6 link, I too thought for a while there was an advantage to using the DT head standalone but I recently revisited the exercise using a high quality cable and there most defiantly is no perceivable difference in tone to my ears. The benefit of course is being able to run the HDxxx for PRE/POST effects as you would already know. Keep in mind there are cabinet simulations running with the factory models in the DT so there will be some differences straight away depending on what cabinet modelling (if any) you have on the HD preset. Using DT Customiser with my iPhone, I'm able to bypass any cabinet models in my DT and when I set the same on the Pod to A/B, there is no difference. With a little research you can really unlock the potential in this rig and its really only as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. There is no disadvantage to running the above in either format rather it just elands your options depending on what works for each individual.
  7. I actually did an A/B test with a Marshall Plexi recently against my DT50 in P75 and Brit 800 modes and I can tell you the difference was negligible and the whole time I was thinking how lucky I was to have the integration of my Pod HD400 to add in pedals/effects or dial in a completely different tone altogether in just one tap of another preset. I've had some great gear over the years and this rig absolutely holds a candle to ANY of them.
  8. This is good advice and a good description of how I feel about this combination. I actually did an A/B test with a Marshall Plexi recently against my DT50 in P75 and Brit 800 modes and I can tell you the difference was negligible and the whole time I was thinking how lucky I was to have the integration of my Pod HD400 to add in pedals/effects or dial in a completely different tone altogether in just one tap of another preset. I've had some great gear over the years and this rig absolutely holds a candle to ANY of them.
  9. Sounds great mate! Certainly a fine job if this is your first tune with it and no doubt you'll tweak further over the next few months to squeeze out even more. Well done. ;) Just needs a ripping solo in it now!!
  10. All sorted guys. I was able to find the App for iPhone! All good Thanks
  11. Cheers. DT Edit is no-go as I'm using a Mac. Yep, been to those pages but they only link to the App store and then you get a message saying there no longer there.
  12. Hi Guys. Haven't been here in a while! Just bought another DT50 and want to use DT Customizer again on my iPhone and/or iPad. I don't have the apps saved on my Mac anymore to re-sync to the devices. I DO have the 0.8 b version for iMac but obviously thats not portable etc. DT Customiser app is no longer on iTunes? Any other way I can get it? Thanks!
  13. I couldn't agree more with your comments here and I understand completely. Sounds like you need to go on that journey of discovery for yourself and come to your own conclusions and I totally get that. Let us know how you go! I'm curious too!
  14. I totally agree with you in regards to these products most probably being redundant over the years. If future redundancy is an issue for you then fair enough. For now though, I'm happy to accept the benefits and limitations of the product as it stands today and also accept that I'll probably be on board for the next revision of these amps or even possibly something completely different if thats the path I chose. I've owned a squillion amps over the years and the DT series are as good as any of them but for different reasons. For example a real Marshall Plexi sounds awesome but it needs to be CRANKED but my DT50 sounds great at almost any volume if I'm realistic about my expectations on it's performance based on different volumes permitted (home v's venue) FOR ME a guitar rig with good tone AND some flexibility is the go and I'm happy to 'settle' for a small sacrifice in tone authenticity for flexibility. I've A/B'd my rig with a real Plexi and I can say yes, there is a difference in tone to some extent but it's marginal and the DT still sounded KILLER, just a slightly different spin on that classic amp and besides, the Plexi cant sound anywhere near like a Rectifier at flick of a switch!! You've said it yourself, it's not like the modelling isn't cutting it so again, your DT25 in Class A mode is going to give you good 'tubey' tones at lower volumes at home with around 10 watts . If your playing really quite at home you need a 1 watt amp, seriously, and I'll explain why. Your DT25 in Class A mode (10 watts) versus Class AB mode (25 watts) when turned up will actually only produce a marginal increase in volume - it will not literally double the volume. What its does is increase or decrease headroom which in turn 'pushes' or 'relaxes' the power stage. (relaxes isn't quite right but ....) e.g. If you wanted a pushed clean tone run it at 10 watts and if you wanted a pure clean tone with no breakup run it at 25 watts. To get 6dB gain (double volume) you need TEN TIMES the wattage!! So in theory if you weren't happy with the results with the DT25 in triode mode then maybe you do need to look at something else or experiment with your attenuator further. Lets be honest, I really doubt your going to keep ANY amp for 20 to 30 years thats going to cover all the tones all of the time as your musical pallet evolves. If you could then my hat off to ya! :D I'm sure the tones are in there mate!
  15. This post will be short and I do not mean to sound insensitive, It's my intention to just bring the main 'issue' to the forefront. It sounds like your mind has been made up and so you should be honest with yourself and buy what you feel is going to make you happy. If theres any doubt in your mind modelling isn't cutting it, your never going to be satisfied. Buy the orange. Done.
  16. None of those results. Heres a screenshot of the error message
  17. Yes sorry, that was a question! I posted this when I was dog tired late at night and obviously I didn't make it clear. :lol: I downloaded this version and it doesn't run on my Mac running 10.8.5 Cheers
  18. Hi! :D You seem like your on top of it and have done your homework and I respect you've gone into more detail than most. I hope I've understood you here so bare with me with my response. I'm going to assume your running your DT25 with a speaker cabinet of sorts? If so, the fact you cannot change the microphone type within a voicing is irrelevant because you already have a real cabinet so why would I want any other simulations on top of that? You want to run NO CABINET/MIC simulations in this configuration. Sadly I haven't used DT Edit so I'm assuming you can bypass the microphone model as you can in other editors. Interestingly this question has been raised recently here: http://line6.com/support/topic/1854-dt50-cabinet-models/?do=findComment&comment=10912 It's my understanding the microphone models within the amp where assigned to the XLR output on the rear for sending to a console and, when I use DT Customizer I'm able to use or bypass ONE GLOBAL microphone model ONLY to the XLR bus and NOT the speaker output and this can be PRE or POST MASTER volume. (so your stage level adjustments don't affect F.O.H) Also found this thread about XLR cabinet simulation: http://line6.com/support/topic/1743-cab-simulated-output/ There has been debate as to wether the HD models in the DT heads can be replicated using a HDxxx/DT combination and I say it IS possible (or so very close it's negligible) IF you set the POD preset correctly but theres some confusion out there on how to go about it the right way - don't know why! Anyway, this is beside the point and sort of off topic I guess. I agree that when using the FULL models in the POD with the DT in full power mode it still sounds pretty good! (with lower volumes) But you've got another simulation again but this time it's of output tubes being 'pushed' - being amplified again - but never getting real tube sag etc. Ironically you want to eliminate as much modelling as possible and simplify the signal chain to get the best approximation of the amp your trying to emulate. Sounds like your not able to turn the amp up? What about triode mode?
  19. Firstly, let me say that I own a HD400 & a DT50 and can relate to what your saying and agree in the main that with this rig, there IS the possibility of never ending noodling. Everyone is going to tell you that this gear is not plug and play etc (which is true) but from reading your post, it seems that you just enjoy a simpler less complicated setup? You wanna play NOT tweak!! I get it!!.......................... It doesn't HAVE to be complicated!! The genius with the 'Dream rig' is its limited only to the player as to how much you desire to explore the infinite possibilities (or not) For me personally theres a positive 'headspace' or 'nice feeling' when I plug straight into the DT50 rather than integrating the HD400........it feels more tangible, tactile and real. I know for certain that tones dialled in using the FACTORY HD models in the amp (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa) can also be found when using the same 4 HD amp models (pre only NOT full models) from the PODxxx to your DT amp via L6 link. I now use the HD400 for recording and plugging in direct at venues where volume could be an issue - I LOVE the idea of having the flexibility to 'bring in' the HD400 with my amp at anytime I want though! e.g.: needing a boost or wha in front etc. ( not big on FX myself anyway so I can just live with the reverb in the amp no problem) After some playing and thinking I decided the factory amp models where a great start but I preferred the Marshall flavours SO.......... I installed the latest firmware from Line 6 and downloaded DT Cutomizer (for iPad) to allow select up to 30 HD amp models found in the HDxxx series. Across the 4 topologies on each channel, you can store 8 HD amp models at a time in your DT series amp. Info here: http://line6.com/dtv2update/ Dt Customizer: http://www.cunningham-photo.com/DTCustomizer/ I now use models: Brit J-45 - Park 75 - Brit J-800 - Treadplate on both channels and set the gain differently. For what its worth I've played professionally for many years and have owned many expensive and boutique amps and I wish this amp was available years ago!! Ok at worst IF the modelling is only 96% of the way there, at 110dB with earplugs in, it's unlikely you or the audience will know any different - but lets not go in that long debate about modelling v's the real mccoy! With a little bit of perseverance you'll be able to tailor the amp/rig to suite YOUR needs so don't write it off just yet. Even if you didn't want to take these steps, the DT series amp is still a fantastic stand alone amp that can hold its own in any situation. All the best, let us know how you go. :)
  20. To me, this is a really interesting topic. As a proud owner of a DT50 and HD400, I've opted to run no cab simulation when plugged into my Marshall Greenback loaded cab. I've done the firmware update on the DT50 and to be honest I prefer just dialling in the amp models I like the most and using the DT50 in standalone mode. Your right in saying that, when the cabinet simulations are on, you don't get the kind of extreme high end roll off you'd expect like say 'going direct' or from previous models Pods into the return of a power amp on studio mode. I know you wanted something more definitive but I don't know if anybody here is going to give you THE concrete answer to the question and to an extent , is almost not that critical in terms of getting a good tone for yourself. I mean that in a constructive way and speaking from my own experiences of course. ;) I think perhaps the models are as you say, not full versions but probably a slightly eq'd version of the preset to get you closer to what the original model was using. For instance, a Mesa Dual Rectifier on a Mesa Vintage 30 loaded cab has a certain 'voice' to it and I think SOME of the Vintage 30's frequency response is mildly dialled into it. Personally I thought If I was already using a cabinet with MY choice of speakers and MY preferred speaker frequency responses, just turn off all cabinet modelling. I'm really pleased with my rig and pretty much treat it like a 'more affordable' answer to having several sort after Marshall's on a Greenback loaded 4x12 cabinet. I hope that helps or at least makes you think that your not the only one!! Cheers :)
  21. Hi guys. Selling my near mint DT50 head and Midi Mobilizer II, slip cover and footswitch. Found here: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/calamvale/guitars-amps/line-6-dt-50-near-mint-with-accessories-/1024553789 Australia only. Will do nationwide postage Cheers :D
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