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  1. Thanks power user, I'm just disappointed not to see jcm 800 in there but I'm getting a good slash and Angus tones like jcm 800 ,
  2. Ok I found some artist on here. I'm just getting frustrated trying to actually find different tones other than gain tones , my tones stay exactly the same thru all amp models , like when I bend the b on 13th fret on my legs paul, thru all amp models the tone seems to stay away he same never brighter or muddier, I'm trying to get the since I don't have you tone I hear them teaching on the net, but no success with this amp
  3. Awesome good to see some one sharing manual tones, thanks I'm tired of patches talk I just got this line6 for easy tones , I'm not a computer geek so I appreciate straits forward tones,
  4. I just wanted to no all the artist on line 6 spider iv 75 , and when I bought it it said 16 modeling amps, well what amps are they modeling? I can't find info any were, like for example I would like a full list of artist from line 6 so I don't have to look up clowns I never heard of,
  5. That was the first one I posted, you need the zebra pickups for an exact november rain tone
  6. Mids 6 on solo setting, treble slash tone, line 6 iv 75, metal red, drive 7.5 bass 5, mid 2, treble 9, channel vol 9.5 , reverb 7.5 , I adjust off of sweet child omine setting, to get that jcm 800 sound, and a gain pedal for leads, drive pedal for more crunch, n a boss wah wah, adjust the pedal a lil bit will get that slash tone, n yes the zebra Duncan pickups will give you a much brighter sound, try adjusting you pickups and pickup magnets for more hi end
  7. The sound for knockin on heavens door n Nov rains lead solos were hard to get also works great for welcome to the jungle lead n solos, here it is I have a spider iv 75 metal grn, drive8, bass 9 treble 10, channel vol 9.5 tape echo III, reverb 7.5
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