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  1. If any one can help i sure do appreciate it
  2. Thanks power user, I'm just disappointed not to see jcm 800 in there but I'm getting a good slash and Angus tones like jcm 800 ,
  3. Ok I found some artist on here. I'm just getting frustrated trying to actually find different tones other than gain tones , my tones stay exactly the same thru all amp models , like when I bend the b on 13th fret on my legs paul, thru all amp models the tone seems to stay away he same never brighter or muddier, I'm trying to get the since I don't have you tone I hear them teaching on the net, but no success with this amp
  4. Awesome good to see some one sharing manual tones, thanks I'm tired of patches talk I just got this line6 for easy tones , I'm not a computer geek so I appreciate straits forward tones,
  5. I just wanted to no all the artist on line 6 spider iv 75 , and when I bought it it said 16 modeling amps, well what amps are they modeling? I can't find info any were, like for example I would like a full list of artist from line 6 so I don't have to look up clowns I never heard of,
  6. Some I can just look up on my tablet would be nice, this site is complicated
  7. DaveBrew222

    Looking For Slash Tone on Spider IV 120W

    That was the first one I posted, you need the zebra pickups for an exact november rain tone
  8. DaveBrew222

    Looking For Slash Tone on Spider IV 120W

    Mids 6 on solo setting, treble slash tone, line 6 iv 75, metal red, drive 7.5 bass 5, mid 2, treble 9, channel vol 9.5 , reverb 7.5 , I adjust off of sweet child omine setting, to get that jcm 800 sound, and a gain pedal for leads, drive pedal for more crunch, n a boss wah wah, adjust the pedal a lil bit will get that slash tone, n yes the zebra Duncan pickups will give you a much brighter sound, try adjusting you pickups and pickup magnets for more hi end
  9. DaveBrew222

    Looking For Slash Tone on Spider IV 120W

    The sound for knockin on heavens door n Nov rains lead solos were hard to get also works great for welcome to the jungle lead n solos, here it is I have a spider iv 75 metal grn, drive8, bass 9 treble 10, channel vol 9.5 tape echo III, reverb 7.5