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  1. I'm having the same issue, but I didn't DL any of the IRs. I just put them on a flash drive to change them from one computer to another, as my main compy's OS is too old for the Helix application :rolleyes: Both dragging and using the import function get the same result. Luckily, I'm fairly happy with the cab sounds in the Helix, which is amazing, because I'm pretty picky about cab sounds. That was the major downfall of the HD series, to me.
  2. So, I have a patch setup to run in 4 cable method. The general rundown is that I have the clean and dirty amp channels switching on a footswitch, and that also sets up a reverb to be activated in the FX loop when the clean channel is on. I have a pad and overdrive on the clean channel (path B ), which are both footswitchable. I noticed that when I was playing on the lead channel, I could hear the clean channels OD if I switched it on and off. To test this, I put a delay on the clean channel in front of the amp, and sure enough, I could hear the delay on the lead channel. I've looked at my path up and down, and can't figure out why this is happening. I can't have the same thing happen if I do it in reverse, as in putting a delay on the lead channel and hear it on the clean channel. Only when I have something on the clean path does it come into path A. Am I incorrect in thinking that when path B is engaged, the part in path A which is being split around should be inaudible and vice versa? My split settings are A 100% and B 100% with each footswitch state. (The delays in these pictures are all in the loop, but I DID have one of them in front of the amp before, while I was experimenting, which is the one I could hear) Here's a link to the patch, if anybody wants to load it into their helix and give it a go: Help! I can't figure out whats going on, and I need to bang out a bunch of song-specific patches as I'm going on tour in a month :wacko:
  3. Quick question - when using the Helix in front of an amp, is it able to have an OD act in the same way as a traditional pedal, boosting the actual amplitude of the signal to hit the front of the amp harder, or is this not possible due to the DA conversion?
  4. Sky Explosions = Explosions in the Sky/generic Post-Rock
  5. I picked up the 28x14x6" case with a lift-out board from Road Case USA No Helix, yet (It's coming Tuesday, and I'm just beside myself with anticipation), but the case itself seems really well made. The board has a slight warp in it, though <_< Going to wait until I actually have the unit on the board to see if the weight will help alleviate it. If not, I'll be contacting the company to see what they say. Also, first post. Hey, everybody :D
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