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  1. Enjoying that irony on an amp modelling forum!
  2. I've had my best results wearing no underpants...
  3. My thread from exactly this issue!
  4. I had this a few months ago and cured it this way: Open up the underneath and you'll be able to see the pivot point of the pedal. Undo the tensioning screw a little bit and apply some lubricant to it. Rescrew it back in and it should be solved! I used WD40. I've had no problems, but it's not to be recommended unless you're happy putting corrosive fluid near electronics...
  5. Ah, thanks very much for that!
  6. When using my expression pedal, it always squeaks whenever I use it. Loudly. Not such a problem just using it for swells, but if I'm using it as a wah, my God. I could kill on that sound. Fixing it to my mind should be easy, simply undo the bolt and WD40 it carefully, but I just want to make sure that doing this isn't going to damage the helix in any way... Any advice?
  7. Reverting the pitch shift to its previous algorithm has sorted the problems I was having using simple pitch to detune my guitar, fantastic!
  8. Number 3, the happily over-reaching beginner. That's a good thing though, it always means I'm more concerned about my own limit than that of my equipment!
  9. I'm finding the same issues...sometimes. I have two separate patches where I have pitch shift set for detuned playing as the first block in the chain with identical settings. In one patch (basically the stock ANGL meteor setting with a couple of small tweaks) it works fine for tuning to Eb, D and even C. On another patch I've created, the exact same block with the exact same settings sounds awful. It's particularly noticeable if you play a barred minor chord, the second string is extremely dissonant. Maybe it's not necessarily the effect itself, but the way it reacts with other effects?
  10. Snapshot mode has absolutely nailed it. If there is something that you want to do, you should be able to do it with this unit. There are things I was trying to do before which I'm sure could be done with the previous firmware, but snapshot makes it so easy! Stops me tying myself in knots with a/b splits and tap dancing... A big thanks!
  11. When is update 2.1?!? :P
  12. Exciting news! However, the link given to the 2.00 download takes me to a screen saying the latest version is 1.12. Am I being blind? Found it. I am blind.
  13. There is a lot going on, I decided to try and replicate it as a good way of learning how the helix works, and what can be done. I'm happy with a lot of what I've got, but it's the depth of flanging about two thirds through I find difficult to replicate. Most of the music I enjoy isn't as effects heavy - in fact, I'd say the basic ANGL meteor is a godsend for me. It's a glorious sound!
  14. Thanks for the reply, the learning curve isn't so much learning how to use the helix, its understanding how all the different tweaks affect each other, and finding solutions to the problems I have. It's generally "I want xxxx, I know I can get xxxx....but how?" I've seen in the manual about the automatic assigning of the exp pedals, but I would prefer it to begin with wah as opposed to volume (or possibly so that everything starts at exp 1, not exp 2!) As an example, I've been trying to build a sound to play The Warmth by Incubus and have an approximation of what's going on, i'm just looking for the most elegant way to set up the footswitches to go from part to part. Not to mention the modulation tweaking to get it just right...
  15. Just got my Helix and loving what I can get out of it! Need to learn a heck of a lot about...well, everything really. First question - The footswitch seems to be automatically set to exp 2 for every preset, is there anyway of changing it to be exp 1 globally? I had a quick look on global settings earlier, but couldn't see anything.
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