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  1. Yes, just run it like any other amp in 4CM. Guitar > Helix input Helix loop send > Mustang input Mustang loop send > Helix loop return Helix output > Mustang loop return This will allow you to place Helix effects before and after the Mustang, and also use the power amp and speaker in the Mustang to monitor through (in mono, obviously). Be sure to have an effects loop block active in the Helix (that corresponds with whichever of the four Helix loops you inserted the Mustang through), with the mix set to 100% wet.
  2. I'm using the same GigSkinz keyboard bag that I used for my old G-System board (It's about 14"x32"). I just cut a new piece of plywood to the correct dimensions, which happens to be the perfect size for the Helix and two Mission pedals. I drilled holes for the feet of the Helix and pedals to drop into, which allows them to sit flat on the board, secured by Velcro. Pull them off the board and the feet function as normal (I put the fuzzy Velcro on the Helix and pedals so it wouldn't stick to carpet and such).
  3. Yes. When no speaker is connected to the speaker out on the Rockcrusher it automatically becomes a load box. There are speaker outs on the Rockcrusher and line level outs-the two are not interchangeable!
  4. It would be connected just like a typical four-cable hookup, except instead of sending the loop send on the amp to the loop return on the Helix you would not use the loop jacks on the amp at all, you would run the speaker out of the amp into your Rockcrusher and the line out of the Rockcrusher into the loop return on the Helix. It would work like this: Guitar > Helix input Helix loop send > amp input Amp speaker out > Rockcrusher Rockcrusher line out > Helix loop return Helix main out > interface or PA/mixer input Oh, and BTW most guitar amp speaker levels are nowhere close to household AC voltage-they're more like 20 volts or thereabouts. But still enough voltage (and current) to fry components if you were to plug it into a line level input.
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