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  1. Nigel Tufnel is a huge influence for me, and as a result I have been setting my solo boost to infinity.
  2. You could also simply assign a switch to alternate bypassing every block in each path, which would do the same thing without "wasting" an effects block.
  3. If this isn't a typo, there's your problem. There are two basic types of MIDI commands- Program Changes (PC) and Continuous Controllers (CC). To change presets on the Helix you want to assign a PC number, not a CC. CCs are used for controlling parameters within a preset.
  4. My Helix doesn't sound too great through my 80ohm 770s, either. The headphone amp in the Helix doesn't always play well with lower impedance headphones. FWIW, I generally have my high cut somewhere around 5K-7KHz on the Helix, but I often cut even lower than that on my tube amps when recording them (4KHz is pretty common for me).
  5. Try dialing in a Boogie some time. :)
  6. Is input A set to mic level instead of line level (it's the switch right next to the XLR input)? That'll make it considerably louder than input B.
  7. Both the effects loop and the insert in the Marshall are located essentially in the same place in the circuit-meaning between the preamp and power amp. I'm guessing that the loop is switchable and the insert point is not. If this is the case, then just use either one of them as a standard effects loop for your 4CM connections, but don't muck about trying to utilize both loops as it won't gain you anything except a mess of unnecessary wiring.
  8. Set the monitor to Reference mode and dial in Helix to sound good that way-it's more than capable.
  9. I doubt he'll ever see that post, which is why I decided to throw it out there. Trolls only pay attention to their own threads because they are only after attention.
  10. The Yammie DXRs are really popular with the folks on the Kemper forum. People use both the tens and the twelves, but overall I think more run the tens. Remember, these aren't guitar cabinets, so the usual thinking for speakers in a traditional guitar rig doesn't apply. Tens have PLENTY of punch and low end to them in a FRFR when you're only using them for a guitar (their frequency response runs lower than most 12" guitar speakers).
  11. That combination causes Helix to boot up a preset that exactly nails the Message In A Bottle tone.
  12. They're all converted, so it doesn't really matter.
  13. Running into a traditional amp, you'll generally have better results if you don't use any cabs, but units like the DT25 (and any other modeling combo-Fender Mustang, BOSS Katana, etc) are designed to NOT allow much coloration from the power amp and speaker (that is all handled in the models). So with the Line 6 amp it's no surprise that running just a preamp block sounds a tad off. Set it up the way it sounds best to you-that is the ONLY rule in modeling.
  14. Try running the reverb on a parallel path instead of in series.
  15. No, it doesn't matter. When the block is bypassed the signal runs straight through as if it isn't even there.
  16. Just place the Helix preamp block right next to the send/return block (in series), then toggle between the two (loop block off when preamp loop on and vice-versa). Connections are standard 4CM.
  17. Because we're not interested in entertaining you. Get a puppy.
  18. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.
  19. The way I have mine set up right this minute is loop 1 send to the alternate input on the rear of the KPA, and the main outs to loops 1 and 2 returns. I use a mono send block and a stereo return block. I have also run it with S/PDIF cables, the connection there is Helix Path 1 output set to S/PDIF (which goes to the Kemper S/PDIF in) and Path 2 input also set to S/PDIF (Kemper S/PDIF out). This puts everything you place on path 1 in front of the KPA, and everything on path 2 after it.
  20. If it can be created, it can be replicated. However, expecting a single modeler/multieffects unit to replicate a sound created in a recording studio utilizing multiple layered guitar tracks is completely unrealistic on every level. Wanna nail that tone? Buy a few Helices/Kempers/Axe-FXs, have yourself cloned about four times, and have at it.
  21. So they can spend more time tuning than tweaking.
  22. About the time that Hair Metal died and all the hot chicks migrated over to Techno...
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