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  1. £100 for a solder joint? Daylight robbery.
  2. I don't know whether it's the same problem but my presets with the Litigator amp developed a loud hum post update. I tracked it down to the ripple parameter which I had set at 8. I turned it down to 5 and it removed most of it but you can still hear it especially at high volumes.
  3. Is anyone else getting a loud hum when using the Line 6 Litigator amp block post 2.80 update?. It happens on my old presets and I tracked it down to the ripple parameter which I had set at 8. I moved it down to 5 and the hum nearly disappeared, but is acceptably low. It's not a huge problem but it's strange that it only started after the update.
  4. The Fender Hot Rod is not really suitable for 4CM because, as gtrdude 72 said, you lose your tone shaping and volume control. Also, the power amp volume is wide open and VERY loud when you turn off the FX Loop block . You could insert a helix preamp and toggle it on and off with the loop ( preamp on, loop off and vice versa), but turn the volume down (on the helix preamp) first or you might get a very loud shock.
  5. Mentioning the "U" word is strictly forbidden until the "U" is posted. Failure to comply will mean 1 weeks postponement of the "U" per mention.
  6. Mission Engineering Gemini 2 behind me on a tilted back stand a couple of feet off the floor. Expensive but sounds F'ing awesome. Sometimes mic it up to FOH for larger gigs.
  7. "that's great........When are you going to reform Rockpile??!" Ha, you had me scratching my head for a moment there. Actually I'm a Leeds United fan. Billy Bremner was one of their greats from the 1970's
  8. Well I spent today tweaking my presets and found that, as I mainly use Ir's, all I had to do was change the high and low cuts and they sound great. Had to cut the delay and reverb mixes slightly as they sounded too saturated. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  9. Thanks for the replies folks. Sounds like I'll have to tweak all my presets in PA mode because i've found it impossible to recreate acoustic sounds in electric mode.
  10. I run my Helix into a stagesource L3t and use a strat most of the time. I have the L3t in Electric Guitar mode for this and it sounds great, but I also have a Variax which I use for acoustic sounds but can only get a real acoustic sound in Reference PA mode. In a gig situation this is a problem playing tracks which require switching between electric and acoustic because the variax electric models, or my strat for that matter, sounds lollipope in ref PA mode. Any tips would be welcome.
  11. I'm currently using my stagesource L3t to power my Helix but would be interested to try and use my Fender Hot Rod simultaneously. Is it possible to use path 1 for Helix amps and effects to FRFR via L6 Link, and use empty path 2 to Hot Rod via 1/4 inch out, both from the guitar input?
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