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  1. Another thought would be running a high pass on the global EQ. Get rid of that low end that you don't need in a band mix and free up a ton of headroom at the same time.
  2. Mike Britt made some Rockman profiles for the Kemper that were included in one of his bundles, playing through them has been an absolute blast from the past.
  3. frodebro

    Oh Snap!

    It does if you go to the doctor and get a shot for it before returning home.
  4. Do the factory presets sound muffled as well, or just the ones you created?
  5. I have both a Kemper and a Helix. The Kemper is great for quickly finding insanely great amp sounds-just scroll through the profiles until you hit the money shot, but the Helix is way more fun to use.
  6. I have the same one, and it's stable and sturdy enough to hold the Helix and a cat that likes to jump up on it.
  7. This is the most important question. Plugging a mono cable into the headphone jack WILL short one channel to ground, which could damage the headphone amplifier.
  8. The impedance of the pedal may affect the sound a bit, traditionally a 250K ohm pedal is used for instrument level and 25-50K for line level. The loops can be adjusted for instrument/line levels, so start with instrument level.
  9. Same here. That's one of the things the Kemper has that would be really nice on the Helix.
  10. frodebro


    It tracks the notes pretty accurately, which causes it to move around with the physical motion of the string. Harmonics or a lighter attack when tuning yields a more stable reading.
  11. frodebro


    It happened with 2.0.
  12. Anybody here ever done a firmware update with a Kemper? ;)
  13. Just have your guitar tech take care of it, then. ;)
  14. I have a pair of H9s (Max and Core), but for the immediate future I'm focusing on learning what the Helix can do without any external effects. Eventually the H9s will both be implemented, mainly to free up the processors for running multiple amps and cabs.
  15. Installed, everything is working like it's supposed to. 2.0 was painless for me too, though...
  16. I think that utilizing snapshots would be a much more efficient way of dealing with a lot of effects than controlling them individually would be, one button click can control a ton of things.
  17. Sort of... I bought Helix knowing that it would do most of what I wanted, but also due to reading the epic thread on TGP, which showed me that there was much more planned. I also really like how involved Frank, Ben, and DI are in the forums.
  18. I've been dealing with multieffects processors since the late eighties, and have gotten pretty good at coming up with names that let me know what the preset is without needing all that many characters. Abbreviations, "code" letters, etc. Of all the things I'm interested in seeing in the future of the Helix, the number of characters in the scribble strips is pretty low on my own personal list.
  19. Was there a cel phone nearby? They can add some pretty nasty noises to guitar rigs.
  20. If my Helix were to suffer some catastrophic firmware issue that resulted in the 2204 Mod model to be the only amp in the unit, it might take me a week or two to notice the rest were gone. I'm liking it THAT MUCH.
  21. frodebro

    Glenn Delaune

    Glenn, it was your videos that finally convinced me that Helix was a huge departure from Line 6's previous endeavors, and as a result I am also now a happy Helix owner. I'm sure that many others have been similarly influenced, and I thank you for that. Line 6 should buy you a new car.
  22. Interesting. A couple of times I've had the "Helix not connected" message pop up, and I simply unplugged the USB cable from the Mac and then plugged it back in. A moment later everything was fine, with nothing freezing up or anything like that. Might be linked to some of the USB audio issues that El Capitan has been suffering.
  23. I haven't had that problem at all with my Mac.
  24. They can't sell a higher gain amp to save their lives though, which is interesting in the fact that two major companies (Marshall and Mesa) got their start getting great higher gain sounds out of Fender circuits.
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