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  1. Yes, the presets seem to be too hot. Thanks for your help, everyone!
  2. Anyone have experience setting up Helix Floor with Cakewalk? I'm using the Helix USB out to my Desktop PC. I've got sound recording as per screen snaps below but it's over-modulating and very hot in Cakewalk oer screen shot 4 attached. I looked for an input level adjustment in the app and also in Windows 10 but nothing seems to adjust the input to a usable level, including dialing down the large output knob on my Helix Floor. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  3. Can you please explain what this means? Apparently, Line 6 has a "stock freeze of the G10 family" of wireless units. Please clarify as I'm waiting on a replacement unit for my wireless Relay G10. I've been offered a G30 or G50 as a replacement but I've read about issues with those units and their battery compartments and don't want to go that route. I love the simplicity and usability of the "plug and play" Relay G10T and G10S.
  4. I'm having the same issue. Base shows white, remote shows flashing red. Doesn't charge. I have two Relay G10's and keep one as a backup as I prefer not to use cords.
  5. I use the Helix with a Tech 21 Power Engine 60. It's a 60 watt, FRFR, powered speaker. It's light weight and loud. I keep in on 3 for most gigs and the Helix around 12 o'clock. We play plenty of classic and hard rock including Led Zeppelin, Collective Soul, Primus, Southern Rock, etc. and it cuts through the mix great with plenty of overhead.
  6. I use my Helix output via 1/4" to a Tech 21 Power Engine 60. I don't hear much difference, if at all, between XLR output to the Tech 21 Power Engine 60 and the 1/4" output but this little, lightweight powered speaker is crystal clear when using the Helix and sounds phenomenal. My cover band, Thrown Together, performs music from Ray Charles, Ozzie, Collective Soul, the Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Sublime, Primus, Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats, Flogging Molly, the Dropkick Murphy's, ZZ Top, Tom Petty and more. The Helix handles it all through this terrific little powered speaker. It's LOUD, too.
  7. I regularly perform with my cover band, Thrown Together, at the Hudson Room in Peekskill, NY. I recently started using my Helix live to replace my Digitech GSP1101 for my tones and effects. The Helix is obviously a HUGE step up. Well, I received nothing but raves saying I never sounded better, including from the sound engineer, which was great to hear. In any case, at the Hudson Room, which is a fairly large room holding a few hundred people with a big stage, lights and a sound man, they prefer to mic guitar amps to FOH. So I set up my FRFR Tech 21 Powered 60 Speaker to push my signal from the Helix as a monitor for my use and for the band to hear in the monitor mix fed back to the stage by the sound engineer as well as out to the FOH via close mic'ing. Videos now sound great at this venue from pretty much anywhere I've seen/heard them to so the mix is being handled well by the sound engineer. I also let him know I prefer a totally flat response with no FX for my FOH guitar channel on the mixing board as the Helix controls all effects and tones he's receiving up front. Seems pretty much SOP and very common. I could, of course, feed the XLR out to the FOH as well but this engineer prefers to mic everything.
  8. The original song Get Down Tonight, had a sped up guitar effect so it sounded like an Octavia or other pitch shifter. The Helix doesn't seem to get this sound right for some reason.
  9. Hey Guys, I'm currently using a Digitech GSP1101 which has a pretty good sound I created years ago for the guitar part in the songs "Get Down Tonight," by KC and the Sunshine Band, Hotel California and Shipping Up to Boston. However, I'm having trouble creating similar presets in Helix. Any suggestions regarding which effects to use and possible settings would be greatly appreciated. I'm also looking to recreate a Hotel California preset and Shipping Up to Boston. Until I can match these presets which I have in my Digitech unit, I can't use the Helix live. Anywhere these can be downloaded or purchased? Time is precious on my schedule. Thanks!
  10. I just program a 6 db BOOST to a footswitch and also use a separate volume pedal. If my volume is too much, I can roll back the volume on my volume pedal without losing tone or sustain or overdrive. The boost is great if you have the right levels to start with and just want to step up during a solo then step back. The volume pedal allows me to keep the full sustain and overdrive just at the right level to start with. Rolling back the volume on the guitar rolls off the gain/overdrive and changes your tone in Helix just like using a tube amp. That's why I have the volume pedal taking the signal from my 1/4" outputs and then passing the level from the volume pedal to my Tech 21 Power 60 FRFR powered speaker.
  11. So I can set up one effect assigned to a footswitch, e.g. Flanger, and set that to "On" then assign the OD effect to "Off" but link it to the same footswitch? I'd like to swap them as you indicated above so I'll have to try this. I have the same issue with two harmony patches so this will be a big help.
  12. I have another issue. I'd like to assign a footwswitch called Flanger, to turn off another switch called Overdrive whenever the Flanger switch is on. How can this be accomplished?
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