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  1. Hi, I got the same Issue; I turn it on the thing is Bricked with 4 flashing lights, after I lost the WI-FI connection from my iPad. I tried different things like turning power on/off, doing a factory reset (Hold the "tone" and the "volume" buttons down simultaneously while doing a power on), but to no avail. I finally solved the issue by downgrading the firmware on my amplifi to the previous version (1.00.5) - Since I was not able to perform a new installation of the 1.01 firmware from my iPad. The downgrade worked, and THEN I was able to upgrade to the 1.01 firmware afterwards. The amplifier works OK now, but it now seems to think it is an Amplifi 75. It turms up as "Amplifi 75" on my iPad although it is in fact a 150..... Strange..????
  2. *** forgot to mention in my previous post that the fuse was blown and had to be replaced in both amps.
  3. I have two DT25's and have experienced the same problem on both amps... The amp starts making crackling noise and one of the power tubes starts glowing brightly (like it has a hot spot all orange) I replaced the power tubes on one amp and it seemed to work ok, but after a short time I get an annoying tone happening (Like feedback (Kind of a sine-tone), but the sound is there even when the guitar is not plugged in - although not very loud, just loud enough to be VERY annoying). This tone comes and goes, usually takes about 10 minutes after the amp is turned on before the noise appears. If I turn off the amp, and then on again after a short while (While the amp is still warm) the noise usually reappears instantly. My other DT25 has turned completely silent (I have tried replacing the power-tubes to no avail). It might possibly be a software problem, because when I turn on the power, all the lights go on (Like the initial power-up sequence), but there is no response from any of the knobs - Everything is "frozen" and the amp is dead-silent. I can see that there is power on the tubes, because they are all glowing, so the power seems to be ok. Both of my amps are early production-models (First one was bought in november 2011 and the second one in september 2012) and someone told me that there has been issues with some of the early production-models. Does anybody know anything about this? I really like the sound in the DT25, but now I'm stuck with TWO amps that are not working :-( (And no warranty either....)
  4. I just picked up an FBV Express MkII and plugged it into my Amplifi 150. I have the same problem with hum :-(. It is very annoying and I will have to return the FBV if the problem persists. Alternatively, return the 150 and get the Amplifi 75 in stead, since other users indicate that the FBV Express works without hum on the 75. Still, Line6 should address this as soon as possible - In my opinion this is a serious problem, because I can not use the 150 for gigging without the foot-controller.
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