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  1. I am also interested in this - I would imagine that it would work as you described, with the stereo outputs from the Helix HX Stomp connected to the stereo ins on the firehawk 1500 amp and a mono cable from the guitar out to the guitar input on the amp, but you would need to setup your patches on the Helix so that they send a dry signal to the guitar output and stereo with effects etc to the stereo outputs, is this possible on the Helix HX stomp? I have a Firehawk 1500 and the FBV3 foot controller, so im wondering if the MIDI out from the amp was connected to the Helix's MIDI in, would this allow patches to be selected and effects to be switched on/off using the FBV3, also would it be possible to use the expression pedal on this controller for Helix effects? If this works in this way you could just have the Helix Stomp pedal on top of the Firehawk 1500 connected with short patch cables and control everything from the FBV3 foot controller - could be quite a cool setup ...
  2. richiecat

    Amplifi mods

    If you connect an IPad to the USB port on the Amplifi (using the apple camera connection kit) and then use some looper software on the Ipad - Loopy for example, it works just like it's connected to an FX send/return - it is able to record the output from the amp and play back loops via the amp simultaneously - in the same way that connecting a computer to the USB port and installing the driver allows you to record and playback via the Amplifi. I have read elsewhere that it's possible to connect a USB audio interface to the USB port on the Amplifi and use the In/Out audio sockets on the interface as a send/return, but I've never been able to get it to work correctly - I think It needs to be connected via a powered USB hub so that it powers the interface...
  3. Thanks ;-) It's a cool workaround if you happen to have a delay pedal or something handy that you can use. Doing this does also has the effect of making the delay when switching between patches less obvious - just a short delay has the effect of filing in any gaps, even when the delay isn't really obvious ;-)
  4. It doesn't do spillover of effects, unless you add external effects to the effects loop (a delay for example) and have the fx loop enabled in all of the patches you use. Then the delay will spillover between patches. Not ideal, but it's a workaround at least. I tend to use an additional overdrive/distortion pedal in the patch to give a db boost for soloing rather than a compressor, which doesn't seem to have the volume spike issue. Hope this helps. Rich
  5. Could it be the "A" footswitch is stuck down? Powering on with the A footswitch pressed enters pedal calibration mode.. Perhaps if you try to complete the pedal calibration it might start.. instrctions below: 1. Hold down footswitch A while powering on the unit. At startup the display will show “00†and footswitch D LED will be lit. 2. Press footswitch D to begin. The display will change to “01†and footswitch D LED will turn off. 3. Press the pedal forward firmly to toggle the pedal toe switch. The display will change to “02†and footswitch D LED will be lit. 4. Move the pedal to the heel position. 5. Press footswitch D. The display will change to “03†and footswitch D LED will be lit. 6. Move the pedal to the toe position (do not click the toe switch). 7. Press footswitch D. The display will change to “04â€. 8. Move the foot pedal and watch the values change on the display. Values will scroll from a min. of 0 to a max. of 99. 9. Press footswitch D to save the calibration values. The display will change to “05â€. 10. Power cycle the unit and your pedal is calibrated.
  6. Yes the firehawk 1500 does support this - the drivers are on the line6 download site - look under Firehawk 1500 and its called "driver2" I believe. It works exactly the same way as the Amplifi does (I have both the Amplifi 75 and the Firehawk 1500).
  7. Does this help? Pretty sure this will work...
  8. Do you get any sound at all? When happens if you unplug cables from the Trio+ send and return jacks?
  9. You need to have a clean guitar signal going into the Trio+'s guitar input as it needs this to be able analyse chord progressions etc when you "teach" it an arrangement. But the Trio+ also includes a looper and it uses the signal from it's FX return jack, so you can record loops with effects applied etc. and play over with different effects.. Hope this makes sense ;-)
  10. This is how I would do it: Guitar > Digitech Trio+ Guitar In Digitech Trio+ FX Send > Firehawk FX Guitar In Firehawk FX Send> H & K Amp In H & K Amp Send > Firehawk FX Return Firehawk FX 1/4 Out > Digitech Trio+ FX Return Digitech Trio+ Amp Out > H & K Amp Return Also if you have a separate PA type amp/speaker connect the Trio+ Mixer Out to it it's input - then you will get the bass & drums through the PA and guitar sounds from your H & K Amp. If you don't have anything plugged into the Trio+ Mixer Out, it will send everything through the guitar amp output (guitar/bass/drums) which might not sound quite as good as a guitar amp is not really designed to handle those kinds of things ;-) Let me know if you get stuck and ill see what I can do to help Rich
  11. Unless you use 2 real delay units in the effects loop on the Left and Right channels ;-) Or maybe just one on the left channel and use a built in firewhawk delay on the right channel. Depends on what kind of effect you are trying to achieve .. What effect are you looking for?
  12. richiecat


    Sorry.. I didn't realise there was a new update released! Im not sure if this improves MIDI as I havnt tried it yet - will update once I have it installed.
  13. richiecat


    The firehawk 1500 accepts MIDI program change messages to change patches via MIDI, but it's not currently possible to do much else via MIDI - CC messages for controllers etc don't work. Im still hoping this will be fixed in a future update, but It's not a real issue for me at the moment as I have the FBV3.
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