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  1. Before I was actually attempting to save to my dropbox folder under my profile (on the system drive). Just attempted to save to the desktop. Same thing. "Failed to backup device. Please try again".
  2. It thinks about it for maybe a second or two before failing with "Failed to backup device. Please try again." I'm just saving to my system (C:\) drive with the default name.
  3. I just happened to check the downloads and noticed... Line 6 released a Spider Remote for Windows. Yay! Notes Be sure to update the driver to the latest (1.86). I couldn't switch tones before that. Backup Spider to file fails for me. There doesn't appear to be any cloud capability. So yeah... Looks like there are still some kinks to work out... but it looks like a good start.
  4. Everything works for me. Sounds like your VM has no network connectivity. Maybe check the hosts firewall / AV configuration?
  5. FYI Here are my thoughts for what it's worth. I've got a Samsung Galaxy S6. Being one of the more popular phones one would think it'd be supported if anything... but Line 6 acknowledges (can't remember where I saw it) that there are ongoing issues with it. Samsung used USB 1.1 instead of USB 2.0 in the S6. I think the connection issues are related to that... so basically any Android device that doesn't support at least USB 2.0 is having issues and I'm not sure it can be fixed with a software update. That's my theory anyways.
  6. MacBook Pro: I think you're out of luck. Maybe Line 6 Updater to update the firmware? Fire HD: I think you're out of luck. Samsung: Depends on the device. Look for "Spider Remote". See above posts for links to the "OTG" adapter you'll probably need (again depending on the device).
  7. BTW The Dragon Touch x10 doesn't require an OTG cable since it has a full size USB port... Just in case that confuses someone.
  8. I agree. Just got a Boss Katana because it's got a decent PC editor... but you can only save 4 tones on the amp itself... and there's no way to tell what's loaded in a given preset without hooking up a PC (i.e. no display like the Spider has)... and no way to edit effect parameters other than a single designated one without a PC. Eh... nobody's got it right. Waiting for the Zoom g3n to come out so I can give that a shot.
  9. Not sure. Are you using the connection labeled "Android" on the back? The only other thing I can think of... I did update the firmware on the Spider V prior to using it with that tablet. Maybe you need to update the firmware (from a PC with Line 6 Updater)?
  10. This is all you'd need. This and an OTG adapter. http://amzn.to/2ioiSH5
  11. Extension Pack: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads By default VirtualBox only supports USB 1.1... which doesn't work well with Spider Remote. Update the VM settings to use USB 3.0 from the extension pack and it'll probably get rid of the connection issues.
  12. Virtual Box: Are you using the USB 3.0 controller available from the expansion pack? Without that it was losing connection for me. A/B feature: This may help... There's a setting to put the looper before the effects... Then you can tweak away and hear the changes real time. Don't like it? Just change your tone without saving and reload the old one.
  13. I'm not sure older iPads have lightning connectors. Does the connector look like this (lightning)? http://amzn.to/2hbeLhw If it looks like this, I don't think that iPad can be used with the Spider: http://amzn.to/2ggB9sD
  14. Just to let people know this is possible... I was able to run Android x86 in VirtualBox connected to the Spider. Screenshot Works well. I can attach the Spider to the VM for control. When I detach it from the VM Windows picks it up in my DAW. Almost as good as having a Windows version of Spider Remote. Additionally, USB audio works from any app. (i.e. I can play backing tracks through the amp while controlling it with Spider Remote). Tips Install the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack" for USB 3 support. Update your VM settings to use USB 3 (or 2 if your host only has 2). I used the Android-x86 6.0 ISO.
  15. Update... I got it all working on the Dragon X10... Playing audio on the Spider while controlling it via Spider Remote all via the same USB connection... I'm thinking the same will work for your Note. There's a link for a trial in the description. If it doesn't work for you, don't buy it. USB Audio Player PRO https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro&hl=en From what I understand, you need something that interfaces with the DAC... the generic drivers built into the OS don't cut it. I'm about done for the night so I'll describe what I did without spending too much time playing with what else might work... In App Settings -> click the button that removes the association so that Spider Remote doesn't automatically launch when you plug in the Spider. Install USB Audio Player Pro Plug in the Spider. Choose to launch Audio Player Pro Set up your folders to point to your personal media. Play something. You should hear it come out of the Spider. Launch Spider Remote. You should be able to connect to and control the amp. Hope this works for you. Cheers!
  16. Tip If your onboard audio cuts out when connecting to the Spider via USB you can "Disable USB audio routing" from "Developer options" to allow you to use the onboard headphone jack. Best of luck!
  17. I tried. Haven't been able to get it to work. Haven't been able to get USB audio to work with my Galaxy S6 either... tried both the Spider and a Sabrent USB audio adapter. The on-board sound cuts out. Diagnostics shows the connection. But no sound makes it to the Spider. I have yet to see USB audio working on any Android device although it's reported to be working since Lollipop. With what, I don't know. If you've got a USB audio adapter lying around, try that with your Note. I'd be willing to bet that doesn't work either. I think it has more to do with Android USB audio support than anything Spider V specific. It won't charge through an OTG adapter. Not sure anything USB would do that... OTG (or the full size USB) is host mode... where generally it supplies the power as opposed to consuming it. Also... there's no need to use an OTG adapter. You can just use full size USB port. It comes with an adapter that charges through a small circular (non-USB) connection. There's no issues charging through that while using either an OTG adapter or the full size USB port. It's also possible to charge through the micro-USB port... but it reported it'd take 24 hours as opposed to the hour or two using the supplied adapter.
  18. Dragon Touch X10 10-Inch Picked this up just to see if it worked... Figured I'd send it back if it didn't. Works like a champ! Works with the full size USB port too. No OTG adapter required. For anyone looking for an inexpensive large screen tablet that works well with Spider Remote... this one's for you. Can't recommend it enough. Tips You have to hold down the power button to power it on. Just clicking it shows the charge level. Spent some time clicking it thinking it was telling me there wasn't enough charge before I held it down and it powered up. Spider Remote: Saving a tone: You need to go to the details screen. Then you'll see a disk icon that allows saving. Took me a bit to figure it out.
  19. One last thought... I've been advocating this... I can't believe it won't be a feature in the Spider VI in 5 years or so... The amp should have built-in WiFi and WPS. Push a button on your router... push a button on the amp... and bam you're connected. Pull out your phone, tablet, whatever and launch Spider Remote... It discovers any amps on your LAN and connects. It's that easy. IOT. No wires. No adapters. My light bulbs have that capability (WeMo). Honestly, they should recall the Spider V and replace it with a model with WiFi to avoid the hassle / support costs they're going to get supporting USB Host Mode on Android / non-lightning Apple devices. Love the amp aside from that though. :D
  20. Quick note that might help someone... Correct me if I'm wrong... I think to use "USB Host Mode" you need a special adapter usually called an OTG adapter. Something like this. A normal USB adapter like this does NOT work... at least as I understand it. Basically, without the OTG adapter it's like trying to connect two clients. I'm guessing that's why USB cables with the same connector on both ends aren't common... one is the host and the other is the client.
  21. I've got a Samsung Galaxy S6... not rooted... stock from Verizon. Android version 6.0.1. The USB host checker reports: OS support: Yes 3rd party apps: Full Spider Remote connects to my Spider V 60 but will frequently lock up. Sometimes it causes my phone to reboot. I was able to get it to switch the current tone once, but that usually fails. Haven't been able to get it to display the tones from my amp yet. It'll start to download them, but usually locks up around bank 25. Verdict: It's basically unusable. Hoping there's an update in the works... or someone has an idea... because I've just about given up.
  22. Starting this topic for replies to the "Does Your Mobile Device Connect?" topic as that one is locked.
  23. spcjak7221

    Tone Editor

    I've got a Spider V 60 and connect via the PC USB connection to directly record audio using the ASIO drivers for Windows on the download site... so technically you can connect it to a PC for something useful. I still haven't found a way to edit tones, etc. from the PC. I'm hoping that's coming soon.
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