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  1. Set your Master Volume Knob (from Global Settings) to something else other than the 1/4"" outs (I set it to USB as I never use it) This will set the 1/4's to Unity Gain
  2. Bug for 2.50 Ext Amp switching does not work in snapshots (i.e if you are switching amp channels within a snapshot) Works OK if you manually select the assigned footswitch for the ext amp control but looks like snapshots are not observing the light status of the switch on a per snapshot basis.
  3. Yep, I'd like to 2nd this - tried resetting the tip/rings designations from Command Center, no joy
  4. I tend to use the gain block with snapshots controlling the amount of gain - set the amp sort of midway gain (so the gain "loss" has some sort of chance to make a difference!!) and then have that gain block adding or subtracting gain as I need. I also tend to use the Kinky Boost with a very very low amount of gain on it after the gain block to keep the signal nice and full sounding.
  5. So.. The whole EXP2/EXT AMP gig - is that something the full fat Helix will be able to do with a firmware upgrade or is it different hardware? Or can it be retro-fitted??
  6. Has the requirement to assign a button to snapshot changed for amp channel switching? Would be lovely to reclaim 2 of my 10 switches within a preset for other things and leave the snapshot itself sorry about the actual amp switching...
  7. Couldn't help thinking this as well - most of the venues we play at are now quite hot on volumes etc and we as a band have had to reign in the volumes quite a bit and leave FOH carry a lot - not easy with acoustic drums, but then we are lucky in that we have a drummer who understands and just doesn't sit there hitting things as hard as he can!!!
  8. 60w SS is not very loud compared to 85 watts of Twin (which is valve/tube powered).. I run my Bogner Shiva as my on stage monitor in 4CM and then using a parallel path on the Helix I run an IR'd Shiva Preamp signal (the real one, not the one modelled in the Helix) from the XLR's straight to FOH. As a live band you are always going to be competing with an acoustic drum kit and in my opinion 60 watts of Keyboard amp is never going to cut it, its just not enough.
  9. Surely Helix into FOH is the backup? It is for me anyway. I've done circa 20 gigs using the preamp to IR thing and I can't see me needing anything else
  10. Hi JohnOG, You can probably guess who I am and I also use that method mentioned on the "other" forum by Ross.. It works great and the FOH has a constant level from me for every gig - no messing about with mic placement, worrying about knocking said mic, bleed etc etc - it's been a total revelation for me and soundman!!! I now have the freedom to control my own on stage volume for my personal monitoring through the master volume of my amp without affecting FOH - have to be careful obviously that my on stage isn't drowning the FOH but no complaints so far - in fact, the rest of the band have asked if I can turn up a bit on stage - win, win!!!! It also means that I can still run the modelled preamps for the times when I don't want the "real" preamp for different tones (Vox sounds mainly). This feature alone IMO sets the Helix apart from the Fr@ct@l units and just shows how much thought went into this product!!
  11. Ten Minutes!! - that's wishful thinking Mr I... :P
  12. OK, Possible Bug here, but could also be my misunderstanding or indeed the way my Bogner behaves with Channel Switching from the EXT AMP socket. So.. I have presets set up with snapshots - usual thing - Clean/Crunch/Dirty/Lead switching the amp channel respectively In "Stomp Mode" I have access to all of the effects I have assigned to the buttons, also the furthest 2 right buttons are set to the Amp switching (Channel and Boost as per amp footswitch) and I sometimes use these to change amp channels within a snapshot. All is good if I am just changing between scenes, however, if I am in a Snapshot and then change amp channel from within a snapshot and then change to a different snapshot ( i.e going from the Crunch Snapshot where I have been changing amp channels within that snapshot as well and then switch to the Lead snapshot) the amp or at least the amp channel will just default to the amp's clean channel (as if there is no footswitch plugged in) regardless of how I have the "lights" set for the amp channels within other snapshots. Example is Hotel California - using the Crunch snapshot for the whole song switching the amp's O/D channel in and out for the various bits of the song and then at the end hitting the Lead snapshot for my lead sound - should come out with a meaty Lead sound but as I have been changing the state of the actual amp channels within the Crunch snapshot it just defaults back to clean sound (even though the snapshot is selecting the o/d and boost options on the amp) Help!!
  13. OK, I have set a few patches up where I am feeding a real amp in 4CM (Bogner Shiva) on one signal path (2A )(set to 1/4"") and then have a parallel line with an IR, EQ and reverb set up to XLR only (2B) where I plan to have the preamp of the Shiva feed this IR and go FOH (saves micing cabs up) When I play around with this in the house using the phones jack into my Bose Soundlink (which actually gets me a really good sound which was interpreting well into big PA) it sounds very buzzy - much like running a o/d pedal into a desk - I've even attempted to EQ it out, even added an amp in to the line to as I figured I may also need a poweramp sim to iron out the preamp only fizz... All attempts have failed unfortunately :mellow: So, before I take this to the rehearsal rooms with the full band, am I not "listening" to the actual output of that 2B line through the phones or is there something I'm missing? I'll take a pic of the patch so you can see what I'm doing. Or is there an amp model on here that I can use purely as a poweramp so I can get rid of the fizziness??
  14. Surely just use a different set list/preset list? That's what I have - one for the FOH direct stuff and one for the 4CM stuff without amp sims.
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