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  1. 10 footswitch mode for the LT please Line 6
  2. jceepe

    Thank you for 3.0

    big thanks to Line 6 for this update... awesome! would've been awesomer if the LT's 10 footswitches can be used like the floor.
  3. Hope to have the Protein Drive in 3.0
  4. it's an ordinary IR but can only be used with Helix... cant use it with other IR loader's or modelers
  5. possibility to use all 12 footswitches in LT like the floor
  6. i agree with @mitchellisdumb .... my wild guess would be at least 3-5yrs from now that Line 6 may have a Helix 2
  7. just want to ask... I had a helix floor and purchased OH IR's at the marketplace, however due to financial constraint last year i have to sell my helix... last month, I was able to buy a new LT and was trying to remember to access my old account but totally lost /forgotten it..so created a new one and registered my LT.. I was trying to load the IR's but it has .hir files ... is there a way that I can use the IR's that I purchased? TIA
  8. i got two frfr108 at home, live at church, I go straight to the mining board and IEMs
  9. would try this one... hope we can get that kind of cables here in Manila
  10. ive seen users of katana, plugging into the acoustic sim, all eq maxed out... adjust master to taste... they claim it is better than the power amp in
  11. just bought a bnew helix LT and its awesome! however, I hope that Line 6 can extend the free backpack bundle here in Manila...
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