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  1. To the best of my knowledge, because of the scribble strips and additional LEDs, the FX actually draws more current than the Stomp. But yeah, the L6 adapter reverses polarity for old L6 devices, so the polarity plug reverses it back to 'normal'. That's the only "downside." You may be able to find a third party plug, but the Truetone comes with everything in the box. I reduced the size of my board from a PT-1 to the Metro and got rid of a bunch of short extension cords and power strips that I needed to deal with multiple wallwarts/PSUs. New rig is clean.
  2. I use the TrueTone CS6 to power my HX FX and 3 other pedals and it works great without any current doubling, etc. As others have said, you just need to use the included L6 converter and the polarity converter to switch it back. A little bit of a hassle, but my board is neat and tidy now. On a Pedaltrain Metro 20 I have a TC Polytune, VFE Standout, EHX Soul Food, and the HX FX. Loving the portability.
  3. After a year of being frustrated between my love of my HX FX and my annoyance with a board that was over sized to accommodate varying power supplies, I discovered that the True Tone 1 Spot Pro CS6 will power the HX FX. Previously I was using the same pedals as shown below, but on a Pedaltrain PT-1 with a rat's nest of splitters and short extension cords below to cope with plug blades in 2 orientations (you can't plug the adapter from the MXR supply and the Line 6 into the same strip and put it under the board. So now I have my HX and a few choice pedals on a Pedaltrain METRO 20! The power supply fits under the board, doesn't require a voltage doubler, and the CS6 comes with all of the cables you need (Line 6 and polarity reversal; the L6 plug switches polarity, but you have to switch it back on the HX). So good. Truetone's website says that it will work because it's a different kind of PSU (I think it's switching instead of transformers, you can look up the video for their explanation). While the port says 500 mA, it will allow the unit to draw more. They have to list a rating for testing and approval to sell it, but it will allow the HX to draw what it needs. Been using it about a month. No heat issues, no quirky behaviors. So happy to have a nice small rig now.
  4. I have a Pedaltrain PT2 and I'm thinking about trimming down to a Metro 20 or 24. My pedal rig is pretty straight forward, TC Polytune, some kind of OD, a rotating pedal (fuzz, phase, etc.), and HX FX, so there's a lot of bulk on the board that I don't need. I've got the MXR Mini Iso-brick. It has an 800 mA and (4) 300mA outputs. Can I use a current doubler cable to combine the 800 and a 300 to get 1100mA for the HX effects? I was watching a Cioks video and it was showing the HX maxing out at around 1.01 amps. Do current doublers merge current or only double if the two ports are the same, i.e. 300+300=600, but 200+400 would not be 600? It's a small change, but not insignificant to streamline my setup. I saw that the 'Line 6' adapter (2.1 to 2.5) reverses the polarity, so you have to get an adapter to reverse it again. Annoying haha. I've worked out a way to get all this stuff on the PT2; I have a mess of extension Y's under the board, the 2 wall warts, etc. If I switch to the smaller board, that rat's nest won't work. I imagine I could shave off a good 3-5 pounds if I go to the Metro.
  5. I know this is an older thread, but I too just noticed some tone suck with the HXFX. I've had an HX since the day it shipped and I really love the thing. It does everything I need and it does sound good in 4CM. But the other day at practice, I took a small board of just a TS9, Small Stone, and Carbon Copy plugged into the input of my Orange TH100, nothing in the loop. Wow. It sounded great. Not that it sounded bad in 4CM, but it sounded better without. More articulate and immediate. As fast as A/D D/A is, I have to wonder if doing it twice just takes away that little bit of something. I do have use a buffered OD in front of my chain, so that's not the issue. I experimented at home with my TH30 combo, and while not as noticeable at basement levels as it was at torqued up band levels, I did notice the same improvement with the HX in the FX loop only. I'll have to compensate a bit for the few effects that I ran in front (occasional wah, pitch, etc). I never used the HX drives, just because I only use a VFE Standout in that rig to tweak the Orange. But I can make it work.
  6. I had the same complaint about that power supply. It's very large. I did work out a fairly decent solution using a power strip under my board. I had to find a strip with the outlets arranged so that I could run the block parallel to the strip.
  7. I've got an HX Effects and love the concept of snapshots. Unfortunately, I've got big feet, so while they work perfectly at home in a relaxed atmosphere, when playing with the band, too many times I ended up hitting the bank down button. So I reworked a lot of my buttons to multitask. I.e. change amp channels and turn effect on and off. For instance, the default state of the preset is clean amp + delay. I hit that button, and it switches amp channel and turns off delay, then I have a phase effect and another delay and can space out the foot switches so I don't hit others. I've done the hybrid as well for songs with more complex effects setups. Start song on snapshot 1, go into snapshot 2 and switch into stomp mode. It works well. I do have a song that has some complex parts and snapshots nail that. Also the changes aren't at razor timing parts, so the foot switch taping is more relaxed.
  8. I'm using the HX Effects with an Orange TH30 and TH100 as well as a Blackstar using the effects loop. I also use it in front of a Vox Cambridge 15. I think it sounds great. Very rich. You can try the M series effects next to the HX models and see how far they've come; from something very good to something pretty great. I think it's transparent. Even if there is some digital coloring, you figure, if you had a chain of... 3 effects, you're going to get noise or loss from that. I replaced a fairly complex board of true bypass and buffered pedals and a line switcher in the chain with the HX and I've found the signal to just sound clearer. I'm really happy with it.
  9. Yeah. In signal flow view, you have to press the > button after you've selected to use EXP1 for the effect. Then it gives you a % of position when the effect comes on. It will stay on until you go back past that threshold. So say you have a wah set at 5%. It will stay active (allow you to lollipop it, etc) until you come back through 5%. Then you can set a delay on it for how long it must stay in that position to go off (something like 300 ms works, but you can set to taste). So that will allow you to still use the whole throw.
  10. Try this. In signal flow view, you set the switch for the wah to Exp 1. Press the > button to access the additional setting for Exp 1 and set it to something like 3-5%. Then rock it to heal down and make sure the effect is off. Then rock it forward and make sure the effect is on. If not, press the foot switch to activate the state the effect should be in. The pedal effect should come on once you rock it past that threshold. Hope that helps. I sometimes run into the same issue and then I'm like "oh yeah."
  11. Yeah. I'm loving the HX. It's basically what I've always wanted. Simplicity of stomps if you want it, but full control of a rig if you want that. I programmed all the patches for my band and tap dancing is pretty much eliminated. I wish you could switch the on/off of the footswitch light for amp channel switching. But really, that's my only 'complaint' so far. So easy to use. Love it.
  12. You know what I'd love to see? A power supply for the HX with a few 9V jacks for other pedals. I just got the HX and I'm loving it, but I want to use my Polytune and a 2 or 3 outboard single pedals (a few minis that can't run on batteries, plus once others are velcro'd down changing batteries is annoying). The wall wart for the HX is huge and has a super short cord. Wouldn't it be great to have a power supply that could supply the HX with some juice to the other pedals so you don't have to run 2 PSUs to your board? I know some pedal power blocks have courtesy outlets, but that's kind of double bulk. Since the HX is designed to be integrated with a pedal board.... Summer NAMM?
  13. Part of this question got cut off, and since this was my first comment on the board (first time, long time) I couldn't fix it right away. I was trying to adjust time and feedback of HX delays using an expression pedal. However, as I move the pedal, it makes the adjustment, but it's not smooth. Basically the delay stops repeating and changes to the new settings, but it doesn't transition or blend between the settings. You can't get that cool stretchy sound like when you turn the knob on a stomp box (it actually works if you turn the parameter knob in edit mode, but not if you rock the expression pedal). HOWEVER, if I use one of the DL4 or M-series models, it works fine. I'd really like to use the HX bucket brigade model because I can get almost the exact same tone as my MXR Carbon Copy for what I'm trying to do. It actually works with modulations, I can change the rate of say...a phaser with the expression pedal. Is this a glitch when using the HX delay models?
  14. When I saw the HX show up at NAMM, I immediately ordered one. I looked to do exactly what I've always wanted out of an effects unit, and it does. I really like my M13 and this bad boy just ups the game. Two questions: 1.Is there anyway to reverse the indicator light when using one of the foot switches to control amp channel switching? For instance, the light is bright when the amp is clean, and dull/off when on the dirt channel. I can deal with it, but it's kind of distracting because it's counter to every amp foot switch ever used. I was trying to use an expression pedal to control time and feedback on a delay. I was
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