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  1. Anyone here adds a room reverb effect after the chain to give an amp room sound/effect when recording? I watched a video long time ago where it explains the settings but i cant find it. anyone wanna share?
  2. I never thought about it til today, l was thinking about real amps ( never own one to experiment) not having that master volume cranked all the way. so anyway on Helix Native i lowered the master volume on a fender model to 5 and max the gain just a little and now my edge of break up tones sound better. Does this mean that the master volume on any model in the helix emulates a real master volume?
  3. I think i got it fixed lol i lowered the humbucker pickups. I guess is because the output of this pickup is really high that it cant be too close to the strings like my other guitar with active pickups which is a surprise. Im also still wondering why the hx stomp was eliminating the noise but anyways im getting a better tone than before.
  4. When using my hx stomp, I don’t have a noise issue when boosting treble, tone, presence or higher frequencies. But with helix native I do. with helix native I use a Scarlett 2nd interface and all signals are fine. I’m also using a hss strat which I use the humbucker most of the time for Rock and metal playing. The noise is kinda like static or something. Another guitar I have that has active pickups, doesn’t seem to have the problem with native and my Scarlett. So is kinda wierd that it’s just one guitar being ok with the hardware but not with native.
  5. On reaper when I record a guitar riff with Amplitube or Native I can edit the amp settings while listening to it so I can adjust somethings I don’t like in real time but on the hx stomp I can’t do that. Well I’m able to do it if monitoring on is selected but the tone is thin.
  6. With plugins it’s easy but with The hx stomp I can’t edit while listening to a recorded guitar track.
  7. If 512=11ms of latency, why does Reaper marks it on the top right hand corner as 22ms? cant go under 512, if so i get clicks and pops.
  8. So I was really upset because I couldn’t get the same tone as other users and also was always trying to copy real amp and pedal settings from artist and nothing worked! So what I did was, do the opposite, and it worked! Lol for example, I wanted to get a break up tone with a fender model and tube screamer and nothing seemed to work. So what I did, I lowered the tone on the screamer model to 2.5 instead of the norm 5.0 or more (where I was getting harsh tones). It worked! Lol. I was like “ wow all these users enjoying their helix and sounding great! Except me!” Sorry for sharing this dumb experience lol don’t have band mates to share. I don’t why I didn’t figure this out earlier. It’s been a year! lol Why is the helix like that? Meaning, if I try to copy a real amp or a preset i get a bad tone? Man, I’m playing it more today than bias and th-u! And using the stock cabs in double function are working great for hard rock and metal!
  9. I always have to boost the presence and add an eq after the chain, but after trying other irs i didnt do that no more. is this all subjective?
  10. On my hx stomp when playing trough, everything sounds fine it’s just the recordings that sound weak and muffled ( clean tones and edge to break up tones) High gains are so so ok. I’m using the hx stomp as an audio interface. Recording in the 48 rate
  11. whats are the steps? thanks in advance!
  12. Been with the unit for months and i can get some great tones but the response or feel when playing its not there for me even with irs.. it hurts to sell it and leave the line 6 forum because its a great piece of gear and the amount of great support theres in this forum.. but all gear is subjective., sadly i find bias fx 2 ( irs help) and S gear more fun to play than the HX stomp :( I wanna thank all the members for their support on guiding me on how to use the stomp.. thank you!
  13. r2drk yeah you are right about the latency. If I had pedals it would be totally different. I will keep the stomp and save money for the tube and a captor to get some experience with analog and digital. Oh man I just love playing the 6505 with an evh 2x12 at GC lol oh so I don’t post another thing. I noticed when using the stomp as an audio interface, I don’t have a problem with noise when using high gain tones with the spark plugin. I only have the problem with my focusrite Scarlett. Do you know what could be the problem? Thanks Edit: other plugins do fine. It’s just spark with focusrite.
  14. Yeah you are right! I should of have checked before posting. I’ll try to get the same Ir from redwirez and compare hx stomp and mercuriall. As right now, I think the difference between the video and my setup are the pickups making a tonal difference.
  15. I’m planing to sell my hx stomp, use Native and purchase a Prs Mt15 with a two notes captor device. Im picturing this right now, if I plug the captor to my audio interface and try to use native at the same time, the captor will sound bad because Record monitoring on the Daw will be active. And I f it’s off then native won’t work. is there a way this two could work together? Thanks
  16. If that was the case then Mercurial would have the same problem and it doesn’t. I’m using the hx stomp as an audio interface with the plugin. this is really weird, some owners like me experience harsh or muddy issues with the hardware. All we hear is add an eq or learn to tweak. But come on, a good tone can come out of just the amp and cab like shown in the video. There could be a possibility that something is wrong with my stomps input, but in the other hand the input impedance works so I’m still concern.
  17. I’m trying to get a good rock tone with the jcm800 and it sounds muddy. Only works fine with an overdrive. I don’t have any problem with mercurial spark. I also tried the input impedance and all amps sound the same. It sounds great in this video
  18. When playing it sounds full and rich but playback recordings are a problem. Specially more noticeable on palm mutes. I tried recording with usb and straight to my audio interface. I don’t have a problem with vsts
  19. Thank you guys I’ll think about and see what I purchase. Every since I tried an Ir, the sound got fuller and the response to my playing feels better. went back and forth trying the stock cabs and idk something doesn’t feel right. So i don’t how some people enjoy them. Maybe the dual cab option? I’m going to try that and see.
  20. Wow that’s allot of files. I will like to look inside to see why all that is needed because it looks complicated. im looking at Redwirez irs and looks more simple.
  21. which company/brand of IRS with a worthy package do you guys recommend? For all styles of music. Specially metal because actually I do notice the difference in high gain territory. Anyone else does?
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