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  1. sorry for bothering. i get two different sounds in reaper. one a little dull when using monitoring recording ON in reaper with the input of the focusrite muted. no sound if monitoring recording is off. the second sound is brighter but with less bass when using monitoring recording Off on reaper with the input the focustire unmuted. no sound if monitoring recording is on. but i cant use other vst with it. just want to know which one is correct setting to get the best of the helix. i have the input knob at 0 ( 6i6 second gen) and helix stomp output knob at max
  2. im just connecting the hx stomp straight to the focusrite. in focusrite control, in the hardware inputs it gives an option to mute. if a mute it, it sounds dull.
  3. When connecting the helix to the focusrite, does the input need to be muted or unmuted? ( focusrite) thanks in advance
  4. im used to a shut down process like a phone, computer etc... its my first time owning a modeling device like this. people like you act like if everyone has to know everything without asking freaking questions..
  5. thanks! im asking because i couldnt find any information. personally i dont like devices that are force to shut down. i think my question should of been:; is it normal for the hx stomp to force it self to shut down completely when turning off the switch?
  6. The reason im asking is because i dont know if its normal to force a shutdown on this unit because its a digital device. computers take their time to shut down.
  7. I’m pretty sure if I download the new Cubase daw the quality of sound will be the same as reaper?
  8. I was about to return my helix stomp due to the sound quality not sounding as good as some youtube videos and patches i downloaded. but when installed Reaper, the quality i was looking for was there :) .... i was using Ableton and Cubase from 2007-8 lol
  9. When I use my hx stomp with my audio interface For late night playing Or recording I have to really turn up the volume of the scarlett so I can hear a mmm well, a good guitar tone. But is way to loud. If I use the stomp as an audio interface is perfectly fine but I don’t want that because of latency issue and popping noises do to my computer. yes I already checked the levels of My daw and interface.
  10. oh ok thanks for the advice. im starting to get a little used to it. maybe because i love my hx stomp and i feel like a kid again lol i dont know how to explain this but when i play on a clean channel and i start strumming a open G chord ala acoustic style. the 5th and 6th string sound weird even though the intonation is fine. its like a metallic hum noise idk how to put it. it happens more on the neck pickup of my strat. is this a normal thing? sorry maybe this question for another forum.
  11. ok then so its normal doesnt matter i still love my hx stomp! i lower the high cut and that helped a little. :) i noticed it more with reverb effects. .. odd
  12. Yes all of the is fine. The day I bought it I updated to 2.82. I’ll try to attach a copy when I get home.
  13. Not on single notes only when I play chords. For example If a make a bar chord and pick the last note of the chord (while holding the chord )a second later theres like a static noise. The noise is small but I will like it to be clean. If I take the effect off no issues. Is this a normal thing? I’m using an hx stomp and connect it straight to my interface using left mono output ( unbalanced cable). Guitar is a fender mim. I also tried the noise gate and same issue.
  14. thank you so much for all your help! this is the best peace of gear i have ever own and better tone! hopefully i get better at playing and one day i can start a band or join one. also, the helix floor will be waiting if not a new line 6 product :)
  15. But it can still be used on the outputs of the stomp? If not I’ll just go the store and get some cables. one more question and I promise I’ll stop lol adding a physical volume pedal and wha pedal will aid the stomp on not using more blocks? I think so right?
  16. thanks again for the info!! :) So an instrument cable the same as a ts cable? if they are why are they located in different areas in a music store? Just curios
  17. I don’t understand the outputs. (Left mono and right unba/balance) I have allot of instruments cables and a dual cable trs to 2 ts pins. I’m using the dual cable just dont know if I’m doing it right. So right now i have the trs end connected to right output of the stomp and ts connected to the interface.
  18. Just got the hx stomp limited edition. Good tones and great dynamics! Better than using my interface. Some people prefer s-gear over helix ( better amps) but honestly I tried it and I think helix has a better response. Could be placebo because I’m using the hardware lol or because the latency is better.
  19. I wonder how much is gonna cost to fix it if my unit breaks or something (after the warranty ends). That’s the only thing that I don’t like about digital but on the other hand is awesome! my old fender solid state amp its still working ( not the mustang digital stuff).
  20. oh thats right! i forgot about native. ok that will do it till a save for a floor. honestly i dont like to buy used digital gear. i prefer new with a warranty. for me amps, speakers and used guitars are worth it. Im getting a bundle, same price with an expression pedal. :)
  21. I know a few songs on guitar that I like that I think that won’t require more than 6 blocks. I also like to record ideas in my computer. Is there really songs out there that have more blocks/effects on the single chain? Or is good to experiment with more than 6 blocks?
  22. Oh ok got it. Cool so no issues if I connect it directly to my interface right? Don’t wannna use the helix is an interface but will see. I’ll think about the helix hardware or a new computer to use all my plugins at the same without issues. Thanks for all your help!
  23. i tried everything same issue. even if im using youtube without the plugins the videos start pausing and clipping. but again if i raise the buffer size higher than 128 the problem stops. ok so if i get helix hardware i wont experience this issue? meaning i can connect it directly to my interface and just leave the interface at 256 where its seems to work its best with my laptop. or connect it via usb? if not then a new computer will be better. what computer desktop or laptop on a low budget is recommended? something that i wont experience same issues in a future.
  24. Nope I don’t have experience with computers. But is good that I learned something new today. ill check those options. Thank you!
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