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  1. Thank you guys for your help. Something that helped a little was lowering the volume on my studio monitors and raising the volume on the stomp. I will be getting my hands on a new sss type guitar.
  2. This is the one I was trying. My strat doesn’t sound anything like it
  3. I like allot of music from super cleans to heavy distortion. I was looking at prewire pickguards and I just remembered that the humbucker splits. So I’ll keep that one.
  4. What pickups do you recommend? Any decent affordable Combo set hss?
  5. Damn it I didn’t know that could happen. The Squier that I borrowed had the same issue in tone. So by just tapping one pole can dame the whole pickup? No wonder I don’t get that brightness on the neck the others are ok.
  6. Yes they are the original pickups I bought the guitar new. The pole piece from the b string was put down because it was giving me that tremolo effect noise when fretting the higher notes on the fretboard with distortion.
  7. Idk maybe intermediate to advance. I like to play allot rhythm. Specially funk. yes last time I tried some strats with some amps and that strat tone was there! It’s noticeable when playing one simple chord
  8. Thanks for your help :) I tried so many patches and YouTube videos without success. idk maybe it’s me I’ll tried to post the sound I get
  9. Yes I tried direct and sounded just a little different but not that noticeable so not a big difference. I use the focusrite as an audio interface because I don’t like the stomp for that job. But one thing I noticed yesterday was that my recordings sounded dull and weak so what I did on reaper I selected the stomp to do all the recordings instead of the focusrite. So that helped allot. Idk why that solved it. But the playback was still coming out from the focusrite and not recording what was being fed trough it’s inputs. So I was kinda using it like a mixer lol
  10. Thanks the explanation and your help makes sense now. I don’t want to post something that I already solve but another curiosity lol. I noticed when reaper was using the focusrite as an audio interface, my recordings from the stomp sounded dull and weak. so what I did on reaper I used the hx stomp as an audio interface to record and the computer was still using the focusrite so I can hear the playback. wow it sounded the same as what I was Playing and listening. the outputs where still connected straight to the focusrite because I don’t want to use the stomp as an all audio interface. So why you think it improve?
  11. Sorry for replying late. Just noticed that ur replying fast and thanks for that. i connect my hx stomp to my focusrite and used a pair of jbl lsr 308 monitors. I tried usb and same issue.
  12. Yeah the guitar is fine it’s just that tone I’m after and it’s easy to get because I see guys getting it with a Squier bullet and in the helix with just one amp and cab with no pre and post eq
  13. It can coil split. I’m trying to get a good tone out of the neck pickup
  15. Yeah I tried to pick hard too but no success. I don’t know about pickups because I just watch a video of a Squier bullet with stock pickups getting that strat tone spank. I also tried headphones, new cables, a friends strat and still nothing. Maybe something is wrong with the input? Because with high gain stuff ( with humbucker guitars) I don’t get that much low end.
  16. A tried all amps in the helix. Haven’t tried a real amp
  17. thanks that helped a little but it sounds like its trying to mimic that strat tone. i dont get it everyone seems to get that percussive tone with every amp.
  18. Yeap I have tried all the amps. Might be the pickups. The neck doesn’t sound that bright and not much attack, sounds close to a humbucker. thanks I’ll i try that option and see if it works. I feel like trying another guitar and see if it’s my unit or the pickups because overall on YouTube videos in any style of music sounds crystal clear. That will require going to the store lol
  19. I can’t get the percussive edge to breakup strat tone, Jimi Hendrix, Texas blues etc... I already downloaded patches, looked at some YouTube videos and I just get a kinda dull lifeless tone.
  20. are you talking about the footswitches? only two are not working
  21. fs1 and 2 havent been working since yesterday. yes i already know how to assigned them but there not responding or blinking. any tips?
  22. ok makes sense monitor off does sound better and leaving the focusrite input unmuted. when i connect the guitar directly to the interface to play vsts i have to mute the input on focusrite control because if not ill here two sounds at the same time but with helix directly to interface i dont here that when the input is let unmuted. why is that? just curiosity heres focusrite control idk if you have used it before
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