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  1. hey man sorry i hope im not wasting your time. the problem is that i cant try the products in person :/ i found another way or cheaper way to keep those vintage cleans i like from fender or vox tube amps without removing helix hx and a load box the bugera v22 and the friedman be-od for metal tones? i think is pream pedal with distortion
  2. Wow so I will be able to match the presets at low and high volumes :) is this really the best of both worlds?? I’m still thinking about the Marshall cuz I can’t find a video or respond about if it will give modern metal tones in drop tunings. I was also looking at the evh combo but people complain that is load :/ maybe the 6505 combo but I want good cleans to. The evh looks versatile but again the noise problem so I don’t wanna deal with it.
  3. What do you guys think of a combination of both digital and analog? im looking at a Marshall dsl40cr and the helix hx effects. and an sm57 mic. will the marshall give modern metal tones? can the helix hx digital tubescreamer boost the Marshall?
  4. Is it hard to record? Some people say it’s a pain. Or just takes more time?
  5. Sorry there’s probably lots of questions about this but I have a Scarlett second gen and I don’t how to use the input gain to get me good results with amplitube. I tried to emulate the 6505 but my vypyr sound better. So im thinking of getting the helix native or the hardware lt version. If i get the native do I need a better interface? Or the hardware gives better results? im also thinking of getting the real thing. A 6505 or 5150. I just play at home with my vypyr. I Like the sound the comes out of the speaker. What you guys thing about a real amp for practicing and hearing your playing like dynamics etc..??
  6. Yeap line 6 should fix that issue. Good thing that i only downloaded the trail. I was about to buy the full version.
  7.     wow so that is the issue. thanks for the help! i hope u can help me with this other thing i know is not line 6 related. but i have bought their gear lol. anyways i have two guitars one ibanez and one jackson. both sound great on my peavey vypyr amp. but on amplitube is different. you know that metallic aggressive tone we get when we palm mute power chords ( ola englund type, metallica etc..) ? well with the ibanez it seems i cant achieve it on amplitube when theres allot of low end and its been equalized by others.( its a patch a downloaded from youtube) to much bass and noise that i have to make my own adjustments and problem solved. but its wierd that both can manage the tone pretty well on the vypyr and that the ibanez cant on amplitube with amps being equalized differently. could it be my pickups that cant manage well the low end or something, or the interface? thanks
  8. yeah, same with Amplitube it works fine. what interface are you using?
  9. idk if you guys wanna try the rhythm presets and see if its my gear or the presets. thanks
  10. tone knob on, on the 6 string. on the 7th you could barely hear it. and still annoying lol. but the low end sounds muddy. tone knob set on 10.mp3
  11. All levels are fine. its wierd on my 6 string, if i turn the tone knob off the noise is gone. on the 7 is not that bad but its sound muddy. i tried a real amp to see if it was the pickups. and no noise, the 7 string sounded good like it was alive lol.
  12. Hi guys i have this noise problem with helix native. Is like crackling static noise when i palm mute. But it only happens with certain all happen when i downloaded ola englunds 5150 patch. Idk but this is wierd, if i use and od pedal and a noise gate and nothing else the noise is gone like 90% but if i use eq pedals racks and such like on the patch the noise is back! Im using a scarlett studio first gen with unbalanced output, Daw is studio one 3 and logitech z623 speakers.
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