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  1. If that was the case then Mercurial would have the same problem and it doesn’t. I’m using the hx stomp as an audio interface with the plugin. this is really weird, some owners like me experience harsh or muddy issues with the hardware. All we hear is add an eq or learn to tweak. But come on, a good tone can come out of just the amp and cab like shown in the video. There could be a possibility that something is wrong with my stomps input, but in the other hand the input impedance works so I’m still concern.
  2. I’m trying to get a good rock tone with the jcm800 and it sounds muddy. Only works fine with an overdrive. I don’t have any problem with mercurial spark. I also tried the input impedance and all amps sound the same. It sounds great in this video
  3. When playing it sounds full and rich but playback recordings are a problem. Specially more noticeable on palm mutes. I tried recording with usb and straight to my audio interface. I don’t have a problem with vsts
  4. Thank you guys I’ll think about and see what I purchase. Every since I tried an Ir, the sound got fuller and the response to my playing feels better. went back and forth trying the stock cabs and idk something doesn’t feel right. So i don’t how some people enjoy them. Maybe the dual cab option? I’m going to try that and see.
  5. Wow that’s allot of files. I will like to look inside to see why all that is needed because it looks complicated. im looking at Redwirez irs and looks more simple.
  6. which company/brand of IRS with a worthy package do you guys recommend? For all styles of music. Specially metal because actually I do notice the difference in high gain territory. Anyone else does?
  7. I have a the hx stomp and just go a used spider v amp. I know, the hx stomp sounds better but with the mkii update it sounds pretty good and im enjoy it more than hearing the stomp throught my studio studio monitors. lol maybe get a powercab for the hx stomp?
  8. I will like to use Native with my laptop when traveling. If it’s possible, how can I active it on my laptop?
  9. Cool! Thanks dude! Im looking at the manual and also trying to find out a tutorial online on how to do changes to the tone of a recorded guitar part in real time with the helix software but I don’t understand. Like what vsts do, for example, if you change anything in the the signal chain, it affects your recorded track.
  10. thanks I checked everything and its not the focusrite. all levels are fine. im using the interface so it can be easy to do multiple things at the same time. that simple eq pedal is doing wonders to play in a really lower volume level! :) i dont know why, but i cant play on a let say moderate decent volume level? ( i guess) my right ear just gets tired and it starts to hurt. and to be honest, im not playing loud. sorry guys one more question, so know that issue is solved, how do i get a recording to sound the same in a volume level with any playback system? do i need to download a software or something? im using reaper?
  11. Ok ok ok I’m starting to understand this volume thing like 70 percent lol I’m using the simple EQ pedal ( seen on a YouTube tutorial) makes things a little easier , makes the recordings sound ok at any volume level and practicing at lower volumes. Its cool to learn new things everyday :) The reason why I didn’t understand what was going on with helix is because when I make hip hop beats, I don’t have this problem. The recording comes out perfectly at any volume level, in any playback system.
  12. Dude sorry but you still don’t understand what I’m trying to say. Yes, I understand that we prefer higher volume by nature lol I should of have explain it like this, the volume knob on the unit changes the tone, acting like an amp. If I’m playing with single coils that twang tone is gone on a bedroom level setting. When you are hearing an SRV song on YouTube, sound system, car etc... if you lower the volume, does the tone of his guitar changes? From bright to dark? No, you can still hear it. Maybe that example doesn’t apply because the way it was recorded. Meaning, on higher volume lol So the real question is? Does the physical volume knob on the helix affects the tone?
  13. Ok thanks ll check on that on guitar playing. but I’m still curious on why doesn’t that happen when listening to music or any type of video on YouTube. You can lower the master volume and you can still hear every detail of whatever you are listening. I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying. oh and btw I don’t have That problem with Native.
  14. It could be but when listening to music on YouTube or demos nothing changes. I could hear every detail in a lower volume setting.
  15. Guitar>Hx stomp>Focusrite>studio monitors The tones is great at higher volumes but my ears get tired and I will like to get the same tone at lower volumes when practicing guitar. It seems that there’s some brightness gone when lowering the master volume on the Unit and on the interface. No changes on the amp models. this happens more specially on the clean channels. i tried headphones but the sound is harsh and annoying with high gain tones.
  16. I know this is old but did you solve the problem by swapping interfaces? I have the same problem with my focusrite. Ever since I got my hx stomp I stopped using the interface for recording metal tracks ( only for vocals and playbacks) the funny thing is that only one guitar was having the problem not my other two. could be that the interface couldn’t handle the pickups? Idk it’s weird.
  17. Yes I understand now. Just looked at the chart that was provided showing the impedance level of each effect. Didn’t know the screamer was 230k. I’m gonna mess around with that today.
  18. Auto was driving me nuts. There’s was no presence in the tone. ( metal tones, overdrive + amp). Leaving the auto+ amp sounds really nice but when adding a pedal before the amp and bypassing it or engage it, some brightness/presence, dynamics are gone ( depending the amp and pedal). So Adding snap shots will aid the stomp instead of switching the impedance back and forward?
  19. That’s why now I prefer the helix hardware or other guitar hardware. don’t know If other vsts suffer with fuzz pedals?
  20. On the hx stomp, when using high gain amps with a tube screamer I couldn’t get the same results as Native. What I did to match Native was switching the input impedance from auto to 1m. now there’s more dynamics and clarity on the notes when playing. why was this never mentioned? It looks like this feature is underrated. Now I’m more happy with the unit!
  21. im using 6 string guitars on E and drop D. i use the stock cabs. yes i boost all the time i really like that tone from lamb of god laid to rest song, metallica, megadeth. the guitars have like this metallic tight tone that i cant explain. the bandok amp seems to get those tones without any eq. its just a curiosity, but ill try the eq pedals.
  22. omg u guys. not trying to make it sound the same. they DONT sound tight thats all
  23. The Badonk is the only metal amp I like, it sounds tight and bright. others sound lifeless and always need an overdrive but don’t impress me. the pv panama sucks and the recto sounds dark. Do all these amps need an eq to sound like the badonk or the real amp?
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