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  1. i tried reaper at 128. arter a few minutes of playing starting doing the same issue and it shut off.
  2. oh ok got it! 1000. i already have the interface ( 6i6 second gen), monitor speakers, a midi controller keyboard ( i dont like the keys to hard to press) what else do i need besides the new computer or the hardware? i just play in my room.
  3. can i just install a new processor on my laptop? if not what decent computer or laptop on a budget from bestbuy do you recommend? im gonna try other daws like reaper. but i really the work flow of studio one.
  4. i know you said it before thats why edited my last post. thanks for all the info. ill think about the hardware ( stomp) or upgrading the computer. sorry one more question. some people have old computers using plugins without a problem. why is that?
  5. Ok at this point I understand the pros an cons of both products. In my opinion The hardware is ridiculous expensive for someone like me. In a few years its gonna be cheaper. right now my only concern is the Clípping and popping noises when I set the buffer size lower ( 128) and adding more effects. Lower is better right? When I do that I notice a difference when playing. Edit: sorry I didn’t read the rest of your other post. So the solution is upgrading the computer or buy an expensive interface right?
  6. Windows 8, AMD 1.90ghz, 8gb ram. running studio one 3 the sample rate I put on is 512 ( don’t remember I’m not with my computer at this moment) if I go lower I experience the issues mention above
  7. I tried to lower the buffer on my daw. When I do the plugins are more responsive to my pick attack but there’s allot of static noise, clipping and pooping when adding more effects or other stuff
  8. Not talking about sound. They both sound the same. Talking about pick attack, dynamics etc..
  9. thaks for the info. sorry if i post here like if i know everything. just curiosity yes i dont either. thanks ill try the rev gen once i purchase the plugin or the Lt. any advice on which one should i choose? what i didnt like about native is that my computer started clipping when there was more effects in the signal chain. i just wanna keep learning music and songs. i have never own a pedal board.
  10. maybe im doing something wrong with the plugin. been noticing that is different to dial a tone on a modeler. i was trying to copy the settings that i tried on a 6505 lol
  11. i got the technique right with real amps. really? i like the sound that comes out of a real speaker cab :)
  12. im using the pv panana on the helix. i played an 6505 mh that im going to order and it was easier to get that effect.
  13. lol i know that put they sound better and easier to make when theres more distortion. just saying. ok then any tips?
  14. i already check that. solve the issue by lowering the gain but i lose those squeals lol
  15. then why do they sound like if they do? could it be the double track? i cant get those squeals if theres not that much gain lol
  16. yes turning down the gain works. but some songs require more gain to get the right tone. im also using the noise gate on helix native
  17. when i use a high gain amp and palm mute single note or chords i get this metallic underground noise. is it normal? i try to upload the noise but the forum doesnt let me.
  18. Yes I understand. But it’s not because I’m use to it. I been playing with real amps at some local stores for the past few weeks and there’s this feel that modelers don’t have. maybe if I was touring and playing live I will definitely buy a Helix floor. But I’m just at home learning. so plugins will work for recording and the real amp that I will purchase will be for practicing. Anyone here doesn’t play live and uses the helix hardware at home? What are the benefits?
  19. lol stupid me I lowered the input knob on the Scarlett all the way to zero and that kinda work. So yes the head rush power cab is making the hardware sound I guess a little better now that I made that adjustment can’t wait to try some IRs. any good free ones or the ones available for purchase are better? thinking about it, I don’t play live or in a cover band so for me the hardware will be expensive. Maybe the hx stomp to make it easier and also well I don’t have buy the plugin for $400! Also ill go for a tube amp it inspires me to play. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but the first time I played one there was this feeling that with the modelers I can’t get.
  20. I think that hardware win here? No need for adjustments like the plugin and the interface
  21. I believe you that it sounds the same. But its weird that with other people it doesn’t. I think the software doesn’t like some computers. Just my theory lol
  22. Yeap i already try that. Yes it sounds bad. Revalver 4 sounds 10 times better
  23. I’m using studio one 3, a thosiba labtop with AMD 1.90ghz. 8gb ram. Scarlett 6i6 and two jbls lsr308. my only complain is that the high gain stuff specially when you palm mute it’s muddy and distorted. On the helix hardware same settings didn’t sounded like that. I bet that if I buy the hardware and connect it to my daw it won’t sound like that. There’s people here that have similar issues and there’s no answer. People are using less powerful computers and native works fine. So I don’t know wants the problem. maybe native doesn’t like certain computers? Lol the speaker was a head rush power cab
  24. Maybe there’s allot of questions about this but I can’t find the answers. I downloaded the demo again to to try helix native and I was not impressed with the tone. On the high gain models it was all muddy that you have to back off the gain but you lose the bite. At GC I tried the hardware version and it sounded way better no muddy. And even with the power cab also being demoed. It sounded like an amp. yes I tried all settings in studio one 3, my lab top and Scarlett second gen. Funny thing that other plugins sound better than native and have more volume. any reason why some computers don’t sound good with native. Some people have the same issue but no answer. should I go for the helix lt or save for the floor or if I fix the issue just purchase native? i wanna plug and play and learn lots of songs from different genres. So recording my own music will be once and while.
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