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  1. Hello, I have a bug with Audio USB. I have had my Helix for a month now, and I always plugged in my Helix in my comp via USB to get access to HX Edit but also to play music from my comp and the sound would come out in my earphones that are plugged in the Helix. However, now the sound doesn't go through to Helix and just stays on my PC. I have tried all sorts of stuff but it all brings back to one thing on my PC, saying the sound system on the Helix can't be "switched on"... I have checked the global settings and all works well, but I don't get why suddenly sound can't come out anymore...
  2. Well first of all, thank you to everyone who has helped me raise the right questions for myself and my use. Considering that I will use it as a one man band sometimes and do loads of Gigs, I feel the Floor version is more adequate to me. The scribble strips are in my opinion a massive plus and yes I will use all the plugs in some songs. Thanks everyone for your help :)
  3. Hello all, This questions would have been raised I presume many times and I have looked through all the internet. I have watched youtube videos and so on but I can't make up my mind. I currently play guitar, bass (active bass mostly) and various other instruments. However, one thing stops me, the price... in Euros 400€ difference for just a "few things" they say. But I read a lot, the pedal is better, the scribble strips is amazing and the amount of various type of inputs/outputs is over amazing. I want to know, should I pay 400 more "just" for that or is it going to be an utter waste of money? Please ask me questions if you want. I'll be happy to answer if that means you can guide me more to my purchase. I play with Fender Strats, and Teles. I have also few basses but my main one is an active Ibanez Thank you! A Helix dreamer from France
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