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  1. @fruedev20 check these. Seems like that step that @Buddell used needs to be done now because the certificate that the driver was signed with has expired.
  2. The "Terminal" application is a utility program that allows access to the underpinnings of MacOS. It's the geekier side of things. You can find it at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app or by press the Command and Space Bar Keys and start typing in Terminal. Terminal.app should autofill as you type, hit Return/Enter to open the application. The "sudo" command will only work if the user account you use has administrative privileges. Also, the line with "sudo" in it, don't copy the "#" at the beginning, just everything after it on that line, paste it into the terminal and hit enter. I hope this helps.
  3. May have just found a solution. I'm running Big Sur 11.2 and had gone through rounds of trying to get this to work with multiple installs of the Line6 drivers and POD HD500X Edit. I thought to check one more time to see if the extension was being blocked and found that it wasn't, but I did find that it wasn't being loaded. In "System Information" look under the Software->Extensions for the "Line6Audio" extension. There is a property there that will tell you if the driver has been loaded or not. It should look like this: If Loaded is set to "No", type this into the Terminal using an admin user: # sudo kextutil -vvvv -bundle-id com.line6.driver.xtaudio That will cause the Security Panel to give you the dialog asking to authorize the extension. I did that, and rebooted. Once the computer was back up, my POD HD500X was being seen. I hope this helps. P.S.: I don't have an M1 mac, so I can't vouch that this method will cause the extension to load or work. YMMV
  4. dingdini

    64 bit

    I was able to get the Pod500x Edit, Line6 license Manager, and Workbench HD to work with macOS Catalina. the post at the following link helped me to figure it out: Helpful link. however, the Line6 Monkey software is not compatible with Catalina. To make the others recognize my Pod HD500X I had to install the Line6 usb drivers and authorize them in the security preference panel after reboot. Once that was completed I had full access to the Pod500x edit and license manager.
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