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  1. Hi all, can anyone help me with managing a dry signal on a parellel path, in a variable way, on a block by block basis - specifically within Stomp mode? For instance, if I wanted to have 50% of my dry signal pass through with fx block X on, but 100% of it with block Y, and 33% with block Z - and to be able to change those percentages if desired - while remaining in Stomp mode specifically (there's too much I feel I can't accomplish in other ways using Snapshots or other patches), how would you go about that? With the Fractal AX8, it's possible to have what would amount to multiple split and merge blocks, as often as you want to create them, but parallel routing doesn't seem to work that way on Helix. Is it possible to simply change the split or merge dry parameter with each block's bypass on/off switch, so that there's just the one parallel path but it's being modified every time an fx block on the main path is engaged/disengaged?
  2. Excellent! Thanks, all. One possible snag, though - If I have my mic set up like this, panned all the way in one direction, and with the input type set to MIC, will that not allow the vocoder to work like it should, per Jandrio's post above? I'm hoping it would still work with the vocoder, because changing routing in the middle of a set would certainly be a deal breaker, but everything else sounds good. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks, Charlie. Can anyone speak to the other questions - vocoder use and discrete MIC and INSTR outputs (balanced and unbalanced)? I'm hoping for some help here, because I already hit up Line 6 on FB and they directed me here. So drop some knowledge on me if you have some!
  4. Hello peoples of the Line 6 forum, I have some questions about the MIC input/output and routing on the HD500X: Is it possible to route the signal from the Mic Input to one of the Balanced Outputs, while simultaneously running the Instrument Input to one of the Unbalanced (1/4") outputs, so that when I play gigs I can route my mic through the pedal and give the FOH guy the Mic output separately from the instrument output (which I would give him from the DI in my amp, further down the signal chain, due to using more effects)? They key thing is I'm curious about keeping the instrument and mic outputs separate, so the channels can stay discrete on the FOH mixing board. Related to that, when using the Vocoder, will the effected sound pass through both the instrument and Mic outputs, or just one or the other? I.e. if running my instr and mic through the HD500X as separate channels (assuming that can be done), when I turn on the vocoder, will I hear the output through my instrument output only, the Mic/PA output only, or both? Finally, does anyone know if the HD500X will have additional effects/packages that can be applied to it? I'm a bassist, and it's very light on bass-specific stuff. I've always had an issue with buying pedalboards because they don't seem really futureproof sometimes. It would be nice if this platform will be somewhat expandable. Thank you!
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