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  1. Ahhhhh .... Thank you for the solution. I conducted several tests and found that splitting the signal on either A or B and using an fx-loop on either split path will create this problem. Thanks for your help!!!! Now I have to redesign that patch .........
  2. I can also confirm that this problem occurs with the Helix floor model as well. I patched the pedals mentioned above with different cables and the same issue\problem occurs with the fourth FX-loop. Regards
  3. Hey Guys ...... Need help with a problem I'm experiencing. I'm running four pedals through FX-loop 1-4. But I'm getting weird effects (diminished sound, plus nasal sound) when I enable the 4th FX-loop. When the fx-loop #1 through #3 is enabled and the fourth bypassed, I don't hear any degradation in sound or artifacts. But once I enable the fourth fx-loop with the polara, I lose volume and the nasal sound starts. Its not the cables and its not the pedals, because I've switched\swapped all the cables and efx and the problem only occurs when the fourth fx-loop is enabled. fx-loop #1 - Luxe \ Nautila fx-loop #2 - Ventura Vibe fx-loop #3 - Obscura fx-loop #4 - Polara Cabling: Evidence Audio Monorail cable with SIS Plugs (All verified with multimeter for integrity) Here's the patch: AUX -- noise gate -- parametric EQ -- LA studio comp. -- FX#1 -- FX#2 -- FX#3 -- (Output path 2A) (Input none) -- IR -- LA studio comp. -- Room Reverb -- (Merge Mixer) ------ (Output) -- IR -- LA studio comp. ---- FX#4 ------- ( up to Merge Mixer) Questions: Is this issue related to running the fourth fx-loop along with #1-#3 or is this problem related to helix CPU usage ? is there possibly a problem with the fourth FX-Loop ? Thanks in advance
  4. No worries about drinks, been lucky I guess .... Plus I would be inclined to kick anyone (especially someone who sauced up) who approaches with a drink :D
  5. Mainly because I don't have the floor controller for the rack, and don't have any plans to purchase. And because I have the Helix floor which is sturdier and easier to setup quick.
  6. Yes, you seem to be alone ..... And should probably devote more time to simplifying your patches and exploring the Helix in depth. I own the helix rack, native and helix floor, and it is because of the build quality, functionality and features that I committed to all three units live and in the studio. I don't have any plans to purchase the floor controller for the rack, because I use midi extensively in the studio (Sorry Line6). Every time someone asks me how I get my sound, I simply point to my helix floor (If I'm live) and because the presets can be shared across platforms, that sound is consistent no matter what situation I'm playing in. Helix floor\Rack\Native is the way to go for me and I am impressed. I should also add that I have a $1700 pedal board with top of the line pedals, that is now collecting dust because of Helix. ;) But I'm not disappointed in the least, Regards
  7. Definately agree .... Line6 is delivering the goods!!! I just updated to 2.20, so I haven't had any time yet to sample the improvements\additions, but I was plesantly surprised to hear the update was available. And since we're posting glamour shots ..... here's both my boards with my FRFR prior to cabling up.
  8. Thank you everyone for your feedback ..... I contacted the store where the unit was purchased this morning and received approval for a return\exchange for a new unit. Hopefully, I can put this issue to bed ...... Regards
  9. Hey Guys ..... Question: What is the starting serial number or dates for Helix, where the scribble strips were corrected. Here's my situation and the reason for asking ... I received my Helix on Dec.21, 2016 and by Jan. 19, 2017, I started noticing broad black lines developing on the scribble strips.(Common problem based on my search results) I created a ticket (Recommended by several users with the same problem here on the forum) on Jan 27, 2017 and have not heard anything from Line6 to date. Now while I'm the first to admit, that this may be just a cosmetic issue\fault that one can learn to live with. Still, if there are underlying issues\problems and this is just the beginning stage of a more involved fault, then it becomes a major concern. I have a 45-day return policy, of which I am fast approaching my cut-off date. I mention this because I can possibly return the faulty unit for a new one, but I don't want to revisit this issue with a new unit. (Kinda defeats the purpose of returning it) That stated, I'm hoping someone can share the dates and or serial numbers of newer units where this issue was addressed completely. Thank you in advance!!!
  10. dbdbdb

    Volume drops out

    Thank you jbuhajla!!! After reading your post in the "Bug Report" thread, I changed all patches from EXP1 to EXP2 and also changed the "min" on all patches to 10% and I haven't experienced the volume drops since. So, the work-around does work, though I'd still rather have the underlying issue addressed by Line6, for long-term stability.
  11. dbdbdb

    Volume drops out

    I posted about this in the "Bug Report" sub forum recently. http://line6.com/support/topic/16083-helix-bug-reports/page-17?do=findComment&comment=189561 It happens unexpectedly and I'm not even using the volume pedal when it occurs ...... Any additional information would be helpful.
  12. Happy New Year all!!! I have a possible bug report on a new unit, that was purchased on Dec.19th and upgraded to 2.11 immediately. Scenario: I was plugged into the Aux input (Since I'm using an active pickup) while using the headphones and while I was adjusting patch parameters on the EQ (10-band graphic) of a previously saved patch, the sound all of a sudden dropped down to nothing. I thought I had hit the volume pedal or something but that wasn't the case. The sound wouldn't return to normal until I switched to another patch and back to the patch I was working on. This behavior was recreated twice following the same steps and happens unexpectedly. I will continue to test using the same steps to see if it happens while using the regular guitar input and going through my presonus SL312AI speakers. But thought I would mention it here, in the event other are experiencing the same issue. Best regards.
  13. Optios#2 fixed the issue .... Thank you, fido083 !!!!
  14. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all .... in advance. I purchased a helix on Dec.19 and as expected for a newbie, I have encountered my first puzzling issue. I setup a setlist\patch that has a volume pedal at the entry point. When I play and try to diminish the volume using the pedal, the position reading decreases 100% - 0% as expected, but the pedal goes into bypass and the volume remains constant. In essence, no volume change occurs in spite of the readings. Thanks in advance!!!! BTW ..... I'm liking this helix a lot!!!!
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