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  1. Good points. I will certainly given them a listen. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for clarifying this! I am new to Line 6 guitar effects processors, just bought a POD Go. Since it has the Helix engine, I suppose it's best to stick with the new effects.
  3. In the POD Go user manual, a given effects block listing has 2 colors. See attached screen capture. What do they mean? thanks.
  4. My G10 has been working really well on my Stratocaster. I love the freedom to walk around, makes a big difference in my playing. One issue was how the tremolo arm would bang on the plastic transmitter housing, after I let go of the arm while playing. That can't be good for the transmitter! So I put a small section of 1/2" foam weatherstripping tape from home depot on the transmitter. Problem solved.
  5. I have a Kala ukulele, which uses Kala brand of pickup and EQ and volume control. Kala is the most popular selling brand of ukulele in the US. The G10 was flashing green after insertion but no sound from the amp. I reversed the wiring of the sleeve and the ring on the jack and still no sound from the amp. A friend of mine has a Kala, different model, and he also cannot get his G10 to work. We are both awaiting a Hosa right angle adapter. This is frustrating, why doesn't Line 6 ship an adapter with the product? Close to $200 and they don't include a cheap adapter??? Why hassle the customer?
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