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  1. I've had the same problem and yes, it is totally intermittent. A preset will go silent, and going to a different preset and back usually clears it up for me. Lately, I've also seen the selection square that moves from block to block disappear completely. The joystick still moves the selection, but the indicator square is gone. Weird.
  2. I didn't upgrade right away from 2.71 because I know about being on the bleeding edge. My Helix floor suddenly started exhibiting this behavior. I sent it in under Extended Warranty and the loaner (on 2.81) they sent me does the same thing. My unit came back. I updated to 2.81. It just started acting the same way... again. I don't see any correlation with firmware revision.
  3. You need to take a look at the MMC (Midi Machine Control) commands in COMMAND CENTER. These are the equivalent commands as the TRANSPORT CONTROLS you see on some keyboards. i.e. Record, Stop, Play, etc. A while ago, as an experiment I set up the Helix to run Reaper over USB. As long as the DAW is listening, it's pretty simple to get this working.
  4. If anyone knows what's going on inside the Helix when amp switching, I would also like to know. An AMP SWITCHING FOR DUMMIES would be appreciated.
  5. If L6 released an update with bugs that it crashed the Helix intermittently <shudder>, I can imagine what the uproar would be like? Nobody needs those problems. Remember "Done right, done cheap, and done fast - pick 2." I would rather wait a while and it be done right.
  6. > Been using it with the helix and the combo is stellar. I have a Voicelive 3 but can't decide how to connect it and the Helix. I would like to use the FX in the VL3 as well as its looper. Is this feasible?
  7. I tried this and wow, does the poor Helix get tangled in its shorts. Now, I've got to try sending the commands externally (Reaper) and also hooking the MIDI output from the Helix to a MIDI monitor to see what's actually getting sent out the port. > I always wonder if they shouldn't get a real, dedicated, full-featured looper... I have a Voicelive 3, which has a pretty nice looper built-in, but I want to see how I can integrate the Helix with it, especially with MIDI control tying the two together.
  8. I seem to remember reading something about running a loopback cable from MIDI OUT to MIDI IN and then using the SNAPSHOT to send MIDI CC info. Look at the bottom of pg. 57 for the MIDI CC values for the looper. I'll see if I can dink around with this tomorrow.
  9. If they want to make the looper way more useful, they could add an OVERDUB footswitch that simultaneoudly starts the loop and the dub to a future firmware update. I use a G-DEC 30 with an external footswitch that has 3 switches for PLAY, RECORD and DUB which covers all these bases. Also, having the option to use external MIDI sync with the looper will come in handy for making things line up.
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