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  1. leodiaztrejo

    Can't send MMC

    Hello, I know this is a bit old, but did you manage to fix this issue? I have the same problem with Reason and Ableton Live, none of the MMC messages coming from the Helix work.
  2. leodiaztrejo

    Can I change Helix "Multi" Out routing?

    Too bad… What I'm doing is processing vocals and bass simultaneously in the Helix, but I want to feed the band's in-ear monitoring rig at the same time. That rig is a MOTU 896 convenient interface that stores individual mixes for every band member. Like this: Path 1A: Mic—>FX—> XLR Out (stereo to PA), Phones mirroring XLR Out (stereo DI-Box to in-ear rig) Path 1B: Bass—>FX—>Path 2—>FX—>Send 1/2 (stereo DI-Box to PA) and Digital AES OUT (stereo to in-ear rig) It works pretty well for now. I also suppose I could go mono and avoid this hassle, but, no thanks, lol.
  3. leodiaztrejo

    Can I change Helix "Multi" Out routing?

    That's kinda the workaround I've been using. However, it is an awful waste of processing power and the parallel path...
  4. leodiaztrejo

    Can I change Helix "Multi" Out routing?

    Thanks, but I can't seem to output to XLR and 1/4 only, leaving the digital for other routing...
  5. leodiaztrejo

    Can I change Helix "Multi" Out routing?

    Hi, I'm a new Helix user and was wondering if the "Multi" Out option could be changed from the 4 (XLR, 1/4, Digital, USB) to just 2. For instance, to send audio only to XLR and Digital, or XLR and 1/4 (and leave the other outputs free for other routing). Could there be a way to mirror one output to another? If not possible, could there be a chance for a firmware update that includes more flexible routing options? Also, is there a possibility to monitor the audio coming from the "Digital" source in the headphones output? This option is not available in the HP settings. Thanks. Leo