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  1. If using the mc6 you can create much more “fake snapshots” and avoid the patch change gap. Use MIDI CCs and assign them to whatever you need to turn on and off or move parameters. Then create midi patches that send those midi CCs accordingly inside the mc6. It takes more patience and Midi understanding but it surely works.
  2. Hello, I know this is a bit old, but did you manage to fix this issue? I have the same problem with Reason and Ableton Live, none of the MMC messages coming from the Helix work.
  3. Too bad… What I'm doing is processing vocals and bass simultaneously in the Helix, but I want to feed the band's in-ear monitoring rig at the same time. That rig is a MOTU 896 convenient interface that stores individual mixes for every band member. Like this: Path 1A: Mic—>FX—> XLR Out (stereo to PA), Phones mirroring XLR Out (stereo DI-Box to in-ear rig) Path 1B: Bass—>FX—>Path 2—>FX—>Send 1/2 (stereo DI-Box to PA) and Digital AES OUT (stereo to in-ear rig) It works pretty well for now. I also suppose I could go mono and avoid this hassle, but, no thanks, lol.
  4. That's kinda the workaround I've been using. However, it is an awful waste of processing power and the parallel path...
  5. Thanks, but I can't seem to output to XLR and 1/4 only, leaving the digital for other routing...
  6. Hi, I'm a new Helix user and was wondering if the "Multi" Out option could be changed from the 4 (XLR, 1/4, Digital, USB) to just 2. For instance, to send audio only to XLR and Digital, or XLR and 1/4 (and leave the other outputs free for other routing). Could there be a way to mirror one output to another? If not possible, could there be a chance for a firmware update that includes more flexible routing options? Also, is there a possibility to monitor the audio coming from the "Digital" source in the headphones output? This option is not available in the HP settings. Thanks. Leo
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