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  1. If you struggle to find it. Try the software called Reaper. I found it alot easier to use then CuBase. There's an evaluation period for it which never seems to expire apart from having to wait a minute before it fully loads.
  2. If I understood the email I received yesterday, there should be a customtone page: With the new Spider® V Remote application, you can edit your Spider V tones on your computer while recording in your DAW at the same time. An intuitive graphic interface gives you complete control over your sound, enabling you to quickly and easily edit preset names and parameters, reorder amp and effects blocks, set tap tempo, assign parameters to an expression pedal, and more. Works with all Spider V guitar amp models—30, 60, 120, 240, and 240HC Graphically edit tones while recording at the same time on a Mac® or PC Download CustomTone presets to your computer and load them into Spider V Spider V Remote is now available as a FREE download—get it today!
  3. For me, it's probably preferable. I'm used to big screens so it'd be alot easier to work with. It's also handy when closing virtualbox to "Save the machine state" . That way when you load up android again, you're back where you were on the Spider Remote app. The response time on it is maybe a little slow, but it's totally usable. The only annoyance I've found is when you shut down virtualbox, you have to remember to either turn your Spider V off, or unplug the USB, otherwise any music/movie audio comes through the amp. All in all, it's a decent enough work around if you have issues getting your phone/tablet to connect.
  4. Quick update from my previous post. Got the OTG adaptor today, still nothing on the phone. Poor show, Line 6. Thankfully I got the app working on my PC with VirtualBox and an Android 6.0 image.
  5. You can always downgrade if it doesn't work, I can''t see any reason why it wouldn't though. Atleast you can get a connection.. Show off :D Actually, is it possible to downgrade? I should think before I type
  6. No dice with My OnePlus2 on cyanogen 13 (Android 6) using a Belkin direct usb-c to usb-b cable. Thankfully, the old usb-b cable to my pc did work so I could atleast use that to update the firmware. Hopefully getting an otg adaptor to use in conjunction with that known working cable tomorrow or monday. Definetly need a PC version of the app for easier use.
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