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  1. Turns out he uses a vht. I don't think anyone has modeled that particular amp, nor do we have a Deliverance, either if I'm not mistaken. Looks like I might need to try and build this from scratch.
  2. Hey, long time, first time :) So I really vibe with modern hard rock tones. Specifically I love the live sound of the (now defunct) band, Santa Cruz....specifically Johnny Cruz's tone. To my ear, it's f'n perfect. His cleans, rhythm and leads just are exactly what I'm looking for. Any suggestions on where to start crafting this type of tone? I know there are tons of options, but looking for some general ideas on where to begin. Ty all in advance!
  3. So I've had mine for a few months and I notice that I get pops, like static, when I play through my newer LPs. I'm thinking it has something to do with the circuit board pots. Anyone have that issue? Line6 have a workaround?
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