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  1. From my experience. If you are using a real world amp and using Helix as effects only then switch the pad off. It sounds as though there is a blanket on my Deluxe Reverb with it on.....so much so I was considering a speaker swap. Other factors to consider are cable lengths / capacitance /pickups used. In the case of real world amps what strength signal the amp is expecting. I would suggest that the Pad is for active Pickups.
  2. Hi Folks Is there a cure for this please? Its driving me around the bend! Thanks Nick
  3. The Thommann effects pedal bag is of poor quality with the internal padding starting to fray in the corners. I'm thinking of upgrading to a UDG backpack for my LT. https://www.udggear.com/by-product-type/backpack/midi-controller/udg-urbanite-midi-controller-backpack-medium-black I have found that you can buy them for £107
  4. Probably best to watch this video. There is a 4CM template in the Helix itself which you can add effects to.
  5. I have tried both into my Egnater return and found that the full amps sound best.....especially the Litigator.
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    It's hardly a scientific poll with 64 respondents is it? If you did a poll of an industry standard stomp box tuner such as the TU3 with only 64 respondents I bet you would get 63 people stating its a great tuner. The fact that 1/3 of the respondents of the poll thought the tuner is deficient should send alarm bells ringing at L6....
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    I have to say I sold my all my pedals to buy the LT and the one pedal I regret selling is my Boss TU3. I could carry out my own setups with the TU3 and now I can't. The Helix tuner is not good..in fact its poor.
  8. Here's a video I made outlining my problem. Any help much appreciated. Thanks you https://www.facebook.com/groups/line6helixusergroup/permalink/712272622289747/
  9. Thanks for the help...just not sure what that might look like. Sorry I'm a middle aged technofool. Cheers Nick
  10. Sadly I don't have technical knowledge to post a pic but the preamp is located after the send and return block of the loop on the edit screen. If I put the preamp block in front of the send return block then I get a gainier tone but it's then hitting the preamp of my guitar amp...
  11. Please could anyone give me any tips when using pre-amps with 4cm? I have the Helix all set up in 4CM with my Egnater Rebel 30MKii (and it works perfectly) but when I use a preamp (in this case The Litigator or any of the Tweeds) I can't seem to get as much of a 'dirty' tone as I would expect.... Cheers Nick
  12. I recommend you watch this video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvarQIPwchE Ritchie Castellano does an excellent job of showing how to use the f/X loop on the Helix with an amp
  13. Hi Just bought a Helix LT. Done a couple of presets but can't save them to my Mac as I haven't downloaded editor yet. Question 1; Do I have to go through the whole reset on the LT as described on the software update in order for the LT to work properly? Question 2; If I do how do I do that? Question 3; What will happen to my presets and global EQs that I have spent this pm creating? Thanks Nick
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