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  1. With a mic and a spectrum analizer I found the LF Flat and LF Raw modes has the hi driver iff, but has a normal ahi freq response compared to the speaker models. It appears to me that rhe speaker models has an Eq applied to it that cuts the low and Hi end of the spectrum.... something that sounds good from XLR to PA, but sounds muffled directly to the speaker. I think Line6 forgot NOT to apply this Hi and alow cuts to the speaker emulation models when it is heard from the apowercab itself.... and only apply that to the XLR outputs. Thoughts?
  2. In command center I assing to the EXP pedal2 --> Command--> MIDI CC-- CC#7, and adjust min and max value to taste.
  3. Anyone has a measure of the freq response of the speakers in the real world.... I found that flatening the response ... more natural is the sound and more similar to have the real amp beside me.
  4. Do you use this values in "monitor" dsp? I measure the freq response throwing pink noise to the speakers and use more gain dB in similar frecuencies to flatten the response of sound.... also cut the bass and roll off the highs.... but im not "there" yet...
  5. Hi. Im just getting a pair of Eon 612 to match it in stwreo with the Helix floor. I want to ask what are the Eq do you use to get the better results. I can use the android app. Thwnk you
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