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  1. If it helps for someone new to the Line 6 topography you add the looper just like any other block and when you click the switch associated with that block the looper parameters pop up on your screen, like with the 6 button rec/overdub, stop/play, once, rev/half time, etc. It makes sense once you pull it up.
  2. They are on it. Should be fixed in the next firmware update.
  3. Ah, cool. Yeah, I dunno'. The link is working here. A medium-large packpack should work just fine too. No need to spend big bucks.
  4. Weird. Anyway, this is what you should search for. They gotta' have it there too: Gator G-MULTIFX - Medium Guitar Effects Pedal Bag
  5. Huh, it does for me. Maybe because you're in the UK?
  6. I've only hit some grayed out stuff on one preset but was still able to get what I needed. That said almost all my best patches have had no issues grabbing my preferred choices.
  7. Been interfacing with James at Line 6 over this. Make sure you start a ticket and backup your presets so you can share them with Line 6.
  8. Just posted this to another query. Gator bag. Very cool. I like mine: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/gator-g-multifx--medium-guitar-effects-pedal-bag
  9. I got this one. I dig it and I had points I could use towards it: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/gator-g-multifx--medium-guitar-effects-pedal-bag
  10. Well here's a kick in the head: I was mixing all morning in the studio after communicating with Frank and his support team and just took a break and guess what? No noise! I didn't do anything different. Just plugged in the loop for giggles to check and troubleshoot and it worked straight off. I dunno'. Crazy. Happy but crazy.
  11. I put in a ticket last night. Heard from Frank R. this morning that apparently it's probably an issue with my unit. Replacement on the way. Thanks for the help. I would be curious whether anyone else is using more than two pedals in the loop though and having issues. Someone on TGP has 4 pedals in the loop with no problems but I don't know very many people who use more than three.
  12. No hum on my board connected to an amp or my DAW if that's what you mean. Only hum when I use it in the loop of my HX Stomp. And only hum when more than 2 pedals are connected in the loop of HX Stomp. If I run that board into the HX Stomp input and go out of the HX Stomp output to my DAW there's no hum. Only when using the loop.
  13. Sure, so here are the two boards: The first board has two mini pedals underneath, a compressor and a drive always on, and the whole thing is powered by 2 Strymon Ojai's linked. Signal flow is right to left and the Thermae is the last in the chain. Into underneath the board to drive then compressor then the top of the board. The second board is pretty much the same thing except no pedals underneath and signal flow is right to left bottom row then right to left top row. H9 is last in the chain (there's space for the Thermae which pulls double duty on these boards FWIW). This board is powered by a Truetone CS7 underneath except for the H9 which has its own power supply. Again, any time I chain more than two pedals I get the noise. I pulled a few off the board to test this. The boards are plugged into the same power strip as the HX Stomp. Stereo send out of the HX Stomp (in mono) to left mono return of the HX Stomp.
  14. Well, I think it must be a ground loop issue but what could be causing it? I just tested a few other configurations and once I go beyond two pedals the same thing happens. Is there a workaround? Other people must be using more than 2 effects in the loop, no? Thanks.
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