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  1. If I put it in split it sounds really weird. Even having it in chain colors the tone whether timeline is engaged or not. Does anyone use timeline in an Fx loop with success? helix and timeline are both on latest update
  2. I can afford to get a powercab right now but not a +. I don't care about MIDI but i AM interested in IR support. Here is my question... I use effects before and after my IR...so would i really benefit from having IR onboard with the +. I'm not sure if would need to do some sort of in/out block to the supercab in order to achieve that? The ONLY reason i'd want to use IR on the actual supercab would be to free up a block / space on my signal chain. I think that is a "luxury" more than anything and 9/10 I would just run it flat / FRFR so i could see how it would really sound coming out of a PA. Thanks in advance :)
  3. I'm enjoying my helix , new verbs are really awesome. I've always been pretty pleased w/the dirt side of things. I'm still not completely sold on the delays though...not quite sure what it is. I'm contemplating running my timeline and el cap in one of the send/recieve spots and letting them handle all of the delay stuff. Not 100% set on doing this but def thinking about it. Can i send tap tempo to both of them at the same time?
  4. I'm not a master of tempo or timing by any stretch. For 4/4 timing i've always tapped in the 1 and 3...which could be wrong? For 6/8 i know I need to tap in 1/3/5 but I always find myself wanting to tap in 1 and 4. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  5. That's a cool way to do it but I tend to prefer to treat it like an amp and pedalboard. So I go to live mode and have settings I use. I've uploaded my preset here - https://line6.com/customtone/tone/3248102/ I've still got at least 2 weeks w/the helix until I could bring it back to GC. I won't be terribly upset to go back to my normal setup. Just is a bit heavier to lug around :)
  6. I uploaded the preset here - https://line6.com/customtone/tone/3248102/ Doing the update now.
  7. Th eissue is we have two sound guys that seem to do things very differently. I feel like a diva having special requirements specifically for me. With my amp it sounded exactly how my amp sounded wheher I put my ears in or just go stand in front of cab. I guess helix is just a slightly diff beast. I'll jus tmake sure on saturday that there is no phantom power for me. They give me flat EQ and only adjust my overall volume.
  8. I'll do this today for sure. I assume i'll need to back up IRs as well (there are a lot :) )
  9. I don't want to exceed the return period and be out of a lot of money it never freezes USB only freezes at church
  10. I'm on 2.21 so yes should be fine. Thats what the windows app says when its connected. I can try to check on unit itself just to be sure. I'll try to make one Saturday and see if i can make it sound any better. Glad our bosses are both like minded :D
  11. I leave my headphones adapter plugged into the helix anywhere I go. Lets me plug smaller sized headphones into the larger jack. At church I plug the XLR in but at home I do not.
  12. I asked about that specifically bc I'd experienced noise bc of phantom power. He said it wasn't on bc i normally mic'd my amp w/ an SM57. They tried giving me a vocal (SM58?) at first but I asked for different one. If i can't make it sound better Saturday I may return it. I want it to work bc its SO much lighter...but multiple people were saying my amp uusally sounded better. That paired w/the freezing was a bummer.
  13. TL : DR - skip to bullet points Greetings fellow musical brethren & sistren. I have traveled here from the people of ambient , post-rock and praise/worship type music. Here's my pedalboard. I run it through a mesa 5:50 and vox 1x12 cab that came with the ac4tv head. I recently found a used helix at GC so I asked the boss if I could get it and pay it off over a year. My wife said yes, so that was fantastic. I posted a lot of my gear up for sale but now I'm having second thoughts. Here are my concerns. Issues At church it has frozen two weeks in a row now. I can't use ANY footswitches , they are unresponsive and I have to turn the unit off/on. It hasn't done this at my house where I've had it on for equal amount of time. It sounds fine in my headphones but XLR out to PA it ends up sounding really thin and trebley. I'm going to go test it out more in depth Saturday *** Thoughts on helix when it works.. Way lighter Extensive collection of amps / cabs / IR's. Also nice being able to use third party IR's Reverbs aren't quite as good as some higher end stuff...but that's okay. I stack a bunch of them to make them work how i'd like. Delays are quite good, stereo sounds so nice. Overdrives seem pretty good. I think they did a great job on the timmy, which is my fav OD I feel like it does metal / heavy music better than clean Setting up patches is easy whether its using board or connected to PC. I prefer PC setup if possibe :) you CAN connect multiple instruments but it will take some tweaking. Guitar In seems perfectly balanced where as using other inputs ends up sounding weaker at first. The DSP chips can only hold so much. You can't load a ton of amps in one preset...which is not a huge deal to me.
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