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  1. A pair of powered PA speakers will be a better and cheaper choice if you need them only for playing back music. I have a PC 212 and tried to play backing tracks through it just to hear how it works. It works but is not ideal. I prefer using my studio monitors for the same task.
  2. HAHAHAH he is the one and only master!
  3. oh sorry, I've confused with how helix edit works, I guess. yes, I still have and love mine a lot, especially with irs. I've used it with my band few times (unfortunately only few due to covid restrictions) at full volume and I've been really happy. so happy that I'm thinking about getting another one, Lol, because I had the opportunity to play with 2 of them at adequate volume and love that. placing one on top of the other like a 4x12 you get some serious air movement. anyway I'm stuck to IRs in FRFR mode and never really bonded with the speaker simulations.
  4. right click -> clear, If I recall right.
  5. I'm sure they will make some updates sooner or later. I have few ideas for making the 212 an even better product https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-LR-RL-stereo-option-for-212+-L6link-connection/1007441-23508 https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-stacked-cabs-stereo-option-for-the-212+-l6link-connection/1007321-23508 https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Recall-presets-using-L6-Link/991009-23508 https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-an-eq-on-the-powercab-line-cabs/988052-23508
  6. I'd like to have multiple 10 stomp pages accessible within a preset using FS6 or FS12 unleashing the full potential of the command center. I think 2 pages (20 foot switches) would be enough in most cases and would be really easy to navigate between them using a single FS, for example using FS6 (losing pedal edit mode and moving "mode" access to press & hold) for cycling through page 1 and 2 would be a nice and fast solution. 20 footswitches and the new command center that let us build our layout mixing stomps, snapshots, presets, looper & hot keys , will turn the Helix Floor in an unstoppable gigging machine. I'd also add the "turn page" to the command center, just in case. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Multiple-10-stomp-pages/1007625-23508
  7. You can feed your 212 with a mono signal without affecting everything else. meaning you can use it as a stereo speaker for your guitar and at the same time as a FRFR monitor for your vocals (or whatever). form the manual: On Powercab, navigate to Global Settings by holding the HOME button and set Input 2 Mode to Monitor. This will use a separate crossover and filters to provide flat-response, full-range audio through the Powercab built-in amplifier and speaker(s) – just like an active PA monito
  8. another option is to add an eq to the powercab firmware https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-an-eq-on-the-powercab-line-cabs/988052-23508
  9. I did the same thing, I've got a preset named Helix Remote and use colors to identify things. I think that the decision not to let the Helix recall the PC presets via L6 is a mistake. I understand that having the Helix control the parameter (not all of them though) makes it almost 100% portable on every stage where you get a PC as a backline amp. You keep everything in your helix and your're set and you don't need to maintain both helix and PC presets. But for those who bring their personal PCs at gigs or simply play at home, recalling PC presets makes perfect sense and simplify things. Anyway the L6 integration is still buggy.
  10. Leave it on. The soldi state power section of the powercab (or any other FRFR cab, PA speaker o studio monitor) is basically transparent and is there to make what you send in louder. What you want to hear is the full amp model amplified. Of course feel free to experiment.
  11. I just want point out that the cab specs says 70Hz-20kHz neutral frequency response in Flat mode and that doesn't mean the cab goes down to 70hz only but that is liner(ized) from 70 hz to 20hz The cab goes clearly lower that 70. Between 40 and 50 there's a lot of stuff going on you can boost or cut effectively, meaning that the cab/speaker is able to reproduce those frequency with little effort. If you play bass having a sub is still a good idea since the E string is a 41Hz note and a lower B is a 31Hz note.
  12. HotRats73

    PC 112 vs 212

    I finally used the 212 with the band and I'm very pleased. I tested several Irs I've loaded in the cab and sounded really good to me. I've added an eq with +3dB @ 80hZ to get a feel closer to a 4x12.
  13. HotRats73

    PC 112 vs 212

    I still have to use the PC212 with the band at full volume, due to covid19, but in my experience you always loose some thump when going from 4x12 to 2x12 unless you go for XXL formats. There's no way to avoid that.
  14. I 've bought a PC 212+ recently and I find the speaker mode really underwhelming, to be honest. In FRFR or IR mode the cab is really good but the modelled speakers don't sound good at all to me. I've always played the Helix with real cabs and the speaker mode of the PC 212 is not even close to what an actual 2x12 cab sounds like.
  15. Does anybody knows what is the nominal headroom of inputs, outputs and send/returns? I'm new to the helix world still have to experiments with pedals in the fx loops but I was wondering, for example, how much can I boost with a clean boost in the fx loop before clipping the input side? Or, how much can I boost with an helix block at the end of the signal chain before clipping the output? Of course there's not a unique answer to this question one you start messing with volumes inside the helix because but I'm sure there's a nominal level (wich only line 6 knows). At the end I'm interested in an indication of the performance we may expect from the unit in the case it's used with 4 cable method with a tube amp, a situation where you might need to boost the front of your amp with and helix boost or a boost in on of the fx loops and need to boots at the end of your signal chain (again internally or with a pedal) for solos. I agree with those who are asking for some kind of meters for inputs and outputs.
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