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  1. You, Verne-Bunsen, are now the proud owner of a million e-high fives! That was so simple...why didn't I think to try that initially?? Thank you so much. This is a game changer
  2. I'm assuming these 4 fx loops are not true bypass, correct? I run two overdrives for crunch and lead tones into a separate preamp, and I've been running them before the Helix with great results. The only downside is that I can't program the overdrives that way. So, I tried tossing the ODs in a loop at the start of the signal chain and the preamp in a loop for the following block. The switching works exactly how I want, but I'm getting a not-so-tolerable white hiss when playing the clean setting :( I've tried messing with noise gates, in different parts of the path even, but still no luck on getting rid of that bleed through. If somebody has a fix for this, I will give them numerous e-high fives.
  3. Thank you for the heads up, pbatts!
  4. Never mind, just figured it out :)
  5. One other question...how does this work with the tap tempo function? Can I assign which pedal would receive the tap command?
  6. Hey guys, I just purchased my helix and have been incredibly impressed with its capabilities so far. I will say, I haven't been able to dial in any tones that feel right with all the amp/cab simulations, but I'm totally happy with using this for all its other capabilities. However... I am pretty disappointed with the delay switching and the weird warpy-ness that happens when switching delay times within a preset using the snapshots. The only work around I've found so far is to switch to a snapshot where the delay is off, then to the one with the desired delay. I know you're bound to encounter some weirdness when you start messing with the delay time when the effect is engaged, but I was previously using a Boss DD-20 to toggle between one delay preset and the next with different speeds/feedbacks, and it was totally seamless. So easy. I'm not liking the idea of having to go back to the core setting on the helix in between delays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As of now, I just stuck my DD-20 in one of the helix's effects loop, and it sounds great. The only downside to that is I'm running the delay completely wet, and tweaking the mix/level parameters on the loop doesn't sound nearly as good adjusting the pedal's level knob. So, I will not have full programmability over over these parameters and will have to go back to manually adjusting and using tap tempo like the pre-Helix days, unless I can get this resolved :(
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