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  1. I'm having trouble understiang why a non-standard power supply would be an issue with reception. DC is DC and if the required current is delivered (and polarity is correct) it shouldn't matter what brand of supply is used. I am powering my G50 receiver from a MOOER pedal power supply which delivers 2 amperes at 9 volts and still getting the red bars and no reception.
  2. I recently installed a G50 receiver circuit board under the floor of the MOOER P6 miniature pedal board and case. Took quite a bit of work, cutting away some of the rubber floor support but I managed to get it in there. It worked for my show on the crusie ship, thank God, but now I am getting the dreaded red lights again, and switching from R1 to R2 makes no difference. I had this issue even before the cruise; sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. I bought the receiver used on E-Bay which I am beginning to think was a mistake. But what causes these red lights and no reception?
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