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  1. I fixed the problem the other day and posted my solution in another post, but what I did was I closed hx edit and unplugged the usb from my helix and my computer. Then I turned on and off my helix , and plugged the usb back in. Then I launched the line 6 updater and selected my helix then updated it. However , it only showed me 2.92 instead of 3.0 but maybe it’ll show you 3.0
  2. Thank you guys so much! After following these steps , my helix finally started going through the process for the update. I had to turn off and on my helix without the usb plugged in. Though I have another question but I’m pretty sure I can find the answer in other posts, but the question is that how come in the updater , it only provided 2.92 instead of 3.0
  3. Hey, I tried using line 6 updater but it still won’t actually update my helix
  4. So I’m trying to update my helix and I downloaded the firmware on hx edit but for some reason , my helix isn’t updating. I’m stuck on “firmware downloaded successfully”. The display screen isn’t changing to the update stage. Does anyone know how to fix this issue ?
  5. completely unrelated to your post (or maybe it is haha) I followed all of the steps to update the edit and it is now stuck on '"firmware downloaded successfully" but the floor model has not entered the update stage. Do you know of this issue? saw someone else had this problem and they fixed it but did not share on how they did it. saw that you were active 17 in ago from the time of this post
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