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  1. Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the link and files. It's great that people are so helpful on this Forum.
  2. Thanks for everyone's responses. I'll hope that someone might post the older Factory Presets in the CustomTone section, perhaps. It would be nice if Line 6 would create an archive for older Factory Presets, too. I looked at using Helix Native presets, but apparently per the manual, there are differences between Helix Native and Helix hardware: Input & Output Block Settings When importing a Helix hardware-exported preset into Helix Native plug-in - All Input and Output blocks that were set to physical Inputs and Outputs (other than "None") will default to the "Host" setting within the plug-in. When importing a Helix Native plug-in exported preset into Helix hardware - All Input and Output blocks that were set to "Host" will default to the "Multi" setting within the Helix hardware. Any Input block set to "None" will remain as set to "None" within the hardware. Send, Return, FX Loop & Looper Blocks When importing a Helix hardware-exported preset into Helix Native plug-in - These block types are only functional within Helix hardware devices and, therefore, have no routing functionality within the Helix Native plug-in.
  3. I have had a Helix for at least since 2.0 firmware version. Because I am basically using the factory presets and not creating many presets that are worth saving, I have not done backups when I have updated firmware. I've only just realized that I am seeing new names for presets and some that I have used are no longer available. Does Line 6 regularly change the presets for each firmware update? I'm wondering if I can get the older presets going back to 2.0 without having to go back and reinstall older firmware versions and dong backups, then upgrading again, which I don't even know if it's possible to do. Does Line 6 also remove some amps, cabs, effects, templates, etc? How would I get any of these that have been discontinued? Thanks
  4. A few posts on here about vibrations with the Amplifi and L2t. How do I remove the grille to test whether it's the screen that is vibrating or if it is actually a structural issue with the cabinet?
  5. I just got a Powercab 112 Plus and I've been getting a crazy vibration noise, as if something in the cabinet is taking on a sympathetic vibration. It turns out it is the grille cloth over the bottom left vent vibrating. When I press the cloth it stops vibrating and the noise goes away. It's very loud and annoying. Certainly can't mike the cabinet with this going on. Has anyone else experienced this? It's really annoying and I am debating on whether to return the unit. BTW, is there a way to remove the grille? This may be the alternative way to use the Powercab, though not desirable. At least if I removed it my theory of it being the grille cloth vibrating could be validated. Thanks!
  6. I followed the instructions in the latest Helix Edit and Helix Owners manuals about loading IRs into the IR Index on the left side of the Helix Edit screen. The Helix Edit and Helix unit are connected while experiencing the following: 1. Tried dragging the files as well as clicking on Import. I get a notice that the IRs are being imported. The names of the IRs appear in the Index, but when I create an IR Block in a preset the name of the IR does not appear in the IR Select parameter field in the bottom right screen. It says Empty, even though my Helix shows the name. I can move up and down with the toggle arrows in Helix Edit and see the IRs change on the Helix, but Helix Edit screen still says Empty. 2. Now the odd thing is that in the IR Index, you can right click on the IR name and get a menu that includes Import, Copy, Clear, etc. But the only item in the menu that is not ghosted is Import. I cannot clear, copy or paste any IRs in the Index. 3. When I close Helix Edit and re-open it all the IRs I loaded are gone. Why aren't they being saved in the Index? There are no menu items in Helix Edit for saving anything other than a preset. As of 7/14/18 my Helix and Helix Edit app versions / firmware are up to date.
  7. Solved! Thanks very much, DunedinDragon. It was the Global Settings that needed to be changed to output USB 1/2 to XLR.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Here is a screen shot showing a YouTube video playing. Also you can see my Sound Playback Device "Line 6 Helix Default Device selected as Default, as well as an audio signal playing through it. I'm running 2.54 on my Helix floor model. My PC is running latest Windows 10. The preset that I am running on the Helix has Multi selected for both Input and Outbut and only uses one Route. I've tried several presets and get the same results - no audio from my computer playing through my speakers which are connected to the XLR out on the Helix. And yes, the speakers play my guitar sound just fine, but does not mix in the audio from my computer, which is what the manual says should happen. According to the manual, USB 1/2 is used for input and Output for the audio signal coming from YouTube, Spotify or any other audio source that I might want to jam with. I hope this additional detail helps to further troubleshoot this issue. Thanks for your suggestions.
  9. I have followed the directions in the Helix manual as well as searched the forum and googled, but I cannot get music playing via YouTube or other player on my computer to play through the Helix. The manual says I can play along with YouTube or other player, but I cannot get it to work. I have USB hooked up and can see that there is audio playing via the Helix speaker in Windows (10) audio control panel, but I cannot hear it through my speakers that are connected via XLR output from the Helix. Both the input and output of the Helix are set to Multi, per instructions. Anyone know of a solution?
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