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  1. I think it may have to do with the fx loop... standby for further testing. Edit: It is most definitely an issue with the fx loop. It is even louder if you do a Send 1 and Return 1 as separate blocks (as opposed to doing FX Loop 1). I intend to report the issue. No FX loop, no issue.
  2. Had an issue on my HX Effects where after engaging the tuner, if I use the tuner switch to turn it off, I get a "pop!" out of my amp. Pressing the mode button instead works, but to me this is an issue.
  3. Line 6 has confirmed the errors in HX Edit are an issue and they are fixing. To others who are just trying to do the update - only download HX Edit and it will install USB and Updater as well.
  4. I have the same error, and have opened a ticket, but not received a response, but it sounds like it will be an identical story. Kicker is, as long as the default presets are loaded, you can't do a Create Backup. I can save individual presets off fine. So I think it is preset related. I will try to delete them to see if that will work, Edit - I deleted the default presets, doesn't help, still won't backup all, only individual presets. Ok - I think I'll wait for 2.51 at this point. Edit - Got same response - they are aware of it.
  5. As a new HX Effects user, my introduction hasn't been off to a stellar start. Opened the box, played around, setup a patch, tried different effects. So far so good. Knew firmware was 2.4, so I tried to download software to update it. Downloaded 2.5, USB Driver, Updater. Updater opens and is blank. Then it won't open. No error, nothing, just won't open. Reloaded, Uninstalled, reinstalled, reboot, tried another computer. Opens once, blank, won't open at all. Try the same sequence again, nothing. Finally download HX Edit. Now it works, but I get an error about setlists. (Failed to get setlist names - Badly formatted response from device. code -8214). I read somewhere a patch might be bad. Delete my custom patch, same error, factory reset, same error, finally after poking around in the manual, it looks like there are no setlists in HX Effects. Why are you giving me an error if the product doesn't support it? I get a -8606 error trying to export the default patches (and this is after a factory reset). Won't do a create backup (error -8214). Makes me feel like the update didn't really work properly, but if I try to run it again it gives me an error (it doesn't say I already have it, it just errors out)... appreciate any insight. Hoping playing some more with the effects options will calm me down.
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