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  1. Is it possible to somehow send a DI track through the Helix Floor 1/4" Out, through some pedals (say, fuzz), into an external amp/cab, Mic that and bring it back into the Helix via the Mic In...but then somehow also take that fuzzed mic in signal from the external amp and then use the Helix's Sends/Returns as an effects loop for time-based/modulation effects? Basically, the problem is my external amp doesn't have an effects loop...I want to re-amp through it, with external pedals, but I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to use the Helix as an effects loop in this way. I guess a hack might be to re-amp in 2 separate stages (first do the DI re-amp with Gain/Fuzz into the external amp, mic it, and bring it back in...second, re-amp that new track again to use the Send/Return loop for modulation) but I'm wondering if there's a routing that would enable this to be done in one go? Thanks
  2. Sorry, I have no experience with that driver (or Studio One). You're probably best off starting a new thread to get more eyes on it, or maybe try here:
  3. I still would check your buffer size setting in your DAW, if you haven't done that. I had a similar problem trying to record into an Ableton set with many tracks (high CPU load). Try increasing your buffer sample size. The larger the value, the more latency; the smaller the value, the more CPU load...so it's a tradeoff. Ableton Live has a setup process to help you configure this properly. I'm not sure about other DAWs.
  4. I know nothing about the Pod Go but have you checked your buffer size? I would double check that. Or could maybe be a clock issue(?) Good luck
  5. dcomara can probably give better guidance but fwiw, my first interface was a Focusrite (Saffire Pro 26). I don't know about "better" but I definitely agree with dcomara that the latency is a lot worse on the Helix. It's definitely nice to have the multiple mic ins and low latency but in terms of the mic pres, I didn't notice a big difference between the Helix and Focusrite (although I never did a rigorous A/B comparison to really dive into it). I recorded a lot of my first EP with the Focusrite and was happy with it. If you're getting pops, then I think that alone means there's a problem and you need an alternative. I'm looking at UAD for the plugins but I don't necessarily think the basic mic pre is any better than the Focusrite.
  6. Thanks that does help and I really appreciate the response. A couple quick follow up questions: 1) When you mention that Helix must be the Master, I'm not sure what that means...do you mean for clocking purposes or in terms of something else? 2) The other bit I wasn't clear on is it sounds like you have the 8i6 connected to the computer and inputting into your DAW (with the Helix just hairpinned off the 8i6 via S/PDIF)...but then you mentioned that the Helix is also connected to the computer via USB. I'm not clear on this part...are both the 8i6 and Helix connected to your computer then? I didn't know you could do this (have >1 audio interface connected at the same time). Thanks again
  7. Hi there, Sorry if this post is a bit long; I'll try to be succinct but it's a complex question. I have a Helix Floor but I also have a number of external pedals and guitar/bass amps/cabs, etc. Today I can obviously reamp to use the external pedals (Sends/Returns) and/or external amps (1/4" Out) and then capture the external amp sound with the Helix's single Mic In. So far, so easy. What I'd like to do is get a UAD Apollo of some kind, to use the plugins and also for the multiple Mic Ins. But I'd still like to be able to use Helix's modeling in the following way: a) Begin with a wet + DI recording using Helix into my DAW (Ableton Live) exactly the same as I do today...choose a Helix preset and record that + a DI version into the DAW. b) But then re-amp the DI multiple times through my external amps (and pedals), capturing that via the Apollo Mic Ins and printing these new tracks to my DAW. I'm not clear on the routing for this or if it's even actually possible. I've checked other threads and am aware the S/PDIF on Helix can be used to connect to S/PDIF on Apollo units that have this option but I'm not clear which should be the slave or master or even which unit should be attached to my Mac via USB (or Thunderbolt if it's the Apollo I guess). What would the routing for something like this be? Something like: DI track in DAW-> Helix S/PDIF Out-> Apollo S/PDIF In -> Apollo Line Out -> External Pedals -> External Amp-> (makes sound) -> Mics -> UAD Apollo Mic Ins ->.UAD S/PDIF Out -> Helix S/PDIF In -> new tracks printed into DAW? In this case, the S/PDIF Ins/Outs on both the HElix and Apollo are connected to create a big loop...is that ok (maybe that's the way it's supposed to work but I want to make sure)? Also, if the above would work, should it be done this way (with the Helix connected to the Mac/DAW via USB) or the reverse way (with the Apollo connected to the Mac/DAW via Thunderbolt 3) and for what reasons/justification (i.e. would it affect latency, would it affect use of Apollo plugins, would it affect the ability to even do the initial wet + DI tracks with Helix as step 1?). I'm not clear on this at all. One final requirement is that I can also record vocals directly into the Apollo Mic Ins...I don't think the routing with Helix would necessarily impact this but I want to make sure. Does anyone actually use Helix w/ an Apollo in a similar way (reamping through external stuff and using the Apollo to mic that)? If so, can you share your routing in an idiot-proof way because I'm not super technical on this stuff. I really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance, Chris
  8. Hi Nick, This is a great video, thanks. This is exactly what I'm contemplating doing...i have a Helix but am looking at an Apollo for the plugins and multiple Mic Ins (since I like to reamp through external amps/cabs and would like to be able to record multiple mics at once into my DAW). @ 1:10 in the video, you also note that you like to use microphones to record vocals and acoustic instruments but what I don't understand in the video is that you are using both XLR Outs from the Helix into the Mic ports on the Apollo....so both of your Mic Ins on the audio interface are now consumed. I'm not sure how this helps or puts you further ahead? I guess one solution would be to buy a larger, more expensive, Apollo model with more I/O but am I missing a detail here in your setup because I think I otherwise could get away with a Twin Quad. Thanks, Chris
  9. Apologies if I'm missing an active thread on this but I couldn't find anything. I use Ableton Live and I'd like to re-amp a track through Helix to external effects and an external amplifier...and then mic that and bring it back into Live as a new track. I understand how to re-amp a track 'inside the Helix box' and I know how to connect a guitar to an external powered amp through Helix (found a video on this) but this is a bit different. Is there a correct way to do this? I sort of got it to work by setting my 'source track' in Ableton to External Out USB 3/4. Then on the Helix I used a USB 3/4 Input block -> a Send/Return FX Loop block...I used Send 1 to go into an external fuzz pedal (or whatever) and then into the amp. Instead of using the paired Return on the Helix, I mic'd the amp and brought that back into the Helix Mic Input. The 'new/re-amped track' in Ableton seemed to want to use External In USB 8. I say this "sort of" worked because I was able to record the re-amped signal but the results were underwhelming. I feel like I either missed something important or found a 'hack' that's not really the optimal way to do this. Does anyone else ever take a track from a DAW and use Helix to reamp it through external fx and an external amp that is mic'd and captured via Mic In? I'd greatly appreciate any widsom/hints on this! Cheers, Chris
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