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  1. So I’m considering selling my hx stomp (along with a bunch of pedals and amps) to buy the helix rack. I do have my stomp registered in my account and in hx edit. How would I go about de registering it so I can sell it to someone on say reverb?
  2. So I am kinda confused about this thing. Currently my rig is a digitech whammy, drop, tuner, and then hx stomp. For my band we use Rhythm, Clean, Lead, and Lofi along with whammy sections. Basically what I want to do is make the expression pedal a whammy pedal for the rhythm and lead patches, and on the lofi have the expression learn the flanger and use that. I also run a real cab so could I disable the cab in each patch? Id also have to bank up for the same patches but with pitch shift on them to reduce the amount of guitars live. I use the badonk amp for rhythm lead and lofi, and no amp for clean just fx. Any help is appreciated as I could sell my rig and really downsize.
  3. LoganAbbott

    POD GO?!

    Alright so I saw the pod go was released. Currently I use an hx stomp and with the three footswitches I run a rhythm lead and ambient clean patches. I use a digitech whammy, Drop tune, tuner, and wireless as well. Now if I were to get this could I do the following: Get rid of my whammy and make the expression pedal my whammy/maybe use it as a volume pedal? ABCD would be rhythm, clean, lead, Lofi and then bank up or down to the same exact patches but with pitch shifters on it and also have the tuner be accessible? And can I use the same models? I use the badonk amp for rhythm and lead with a noise gate and 808 overdrive, and then reverb for lead. For clean I use legacy cave reverb and simple delay and eq. If I can have the whammy, pitch shift patch change, and tuner, I can basically get rid of my pedalboard except for wireless! But only if that’s possible, and I could pocket cash from selling my hx stomp. so any help on if I can do this or not is appreciated.
  4. Alright so a bit of backstory. I got my hx stomp back in March, everything was fine until it started freezing up on me and when it froze I can’t switch patches. This would’ve been bad because my band has tons of different patches needed to play a set. Wasn’t a problem though because line 6 took care of me, I sent it back pre paid shipping, and they sent me a new one about 2 weeks later. Completely free, and since then it’s been great, no issues, it’s basically my amp and everything. Until today. I’ve been troubleshooting for awhile now and it has to be the hx stomp. Basically my cab just has a ton of static right now and noise. It’s so loud I can’t even hear my guitar over it. It’s never been like that. I tested all different cables, running straight into my power amp and checked everything, but every time I plug back into the hx stomp it gives off the noise. So I tried different guitars, cables, and in every type of configuration but still nothing. I tried changing wall outlets to see if that helped but nope. The only thing I haven’t done is update it to 2.8 but I’ve seen many reports of it breaking the helix so I’m waiting on that. Any help to figure this out is appreciated.
  5. Hi yes I ended up sending it back and got a new one with the help of line 6! New one should be here soon. I do have a new question though if anyone can help, Im thinking of buying the seymour duncan dark sun and the melo audio midi controller. How could I run it where the dark sun is midi into hx stomp and controller? I basically want two buttons on the controller to change presets on the dark sun and then 4- 6 others to change hx patches. So Midi out from hx into melo audio and midi out from dark sun in to the in of hx or what would it be? I just want some way to change patches on the helix and presets on the dark sun without having to go through each one so maybe some way for that?
  6. Hi so first time posting here, need some help! I recently bought the hx stomp, and while it delivers sound wise, better than anything else I have, sometimes when I play it freezes up and makes it unable for me to change patches. Only way around it is to restart the hx which live would not work as it takes 20+ sec. I updated to the newest file the other day and it happens when I’m plugged in usb to my computer but also no usb just going straight combo amp! Please help, I’ve opened a support ticket already but I’m hoping I don’t have to return this and get a new one!
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