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  1. someone can tell me if changing paramentros IN-Z guitar in the pod, for those who have Variax, change anything? here seems to not change anything . people say that my sound (Variax / pod hd / mixer) is a bit sharp(treble), and I was wondering if changing this changes anything thanks
  2. guilhordas

    Please Help, I Lost My Bundle

    please help me I pressed the button set list in send of pod edit and all I my user 1 disappeared , all my patchs gone deleted , I turned off the pod, turn off the usb but nothing, not around my patch, what happened? user 1 desapeard also ,now appears set list instead of user 1 I really lost it? I have saved on my pc bundle but it is very old, I already changed a lot after that my patches thanks
  3. guilhordas

    Help, HD500 sounds thin when going direct through the P.A.

    after 6 years using direct pod to the mixer, every weekend, I learned to relax, I learned that in each PA the pod behaves differently, and found that to get a good tone from the pod is necessary an quality PA ,when I started using I almost went crazy. in every show I changed all the parameters of the pod, but it's not how you do it depends on the PA there are days that my sound is beautiful and there are days it is horrible, one lesson I learned is that the pod has excess bass, especially in marshall models, which are the ones that use, On PA, it is very evident, work with little bass and little gain so is the pod, there is not much to do
  4. guilhordas

    How to get a Fat sound out of the A-30 TB Amp?

    very nice tone, but i think that vox(default parameters) direct to the pa sounds very different, at leats for me
  5. guilhordas

    How to get a Fat sound out of the A-30 TB Amp?

    for me the best clean on pod is tweed b man brt with 4x12 highway and 421 dynamic, i think ac vox 30 very thin with the standard parameter
  6. guilhordas

    How to get a Fat sound out of the A-30 TB Amp?

    changing the cab, use a marshakll 4x12
  7. guilhordas

    how to make pod transparent in amp setup?

    I run my pod hd 500 in Looping my jvm marshall, I do not use any amp and drive from pod ,just use for modulations, noise gate, tuner and delays. Do you think that in this case, should I use the 4 cable method or just run my pod in jvm the loop? as I've been doing already
  8. Yesterday for the first time I could compare my jtv 69 with a Variax 300, in a same pod hd500 and same parameters, and my impressions were: the electric sounds of jtv are really superior, more realistic, but the acoustic sounds of the Variax 300 sounded much better in my humble opinion, I thought the guitars of 300 acoustic softer, less aggressive, more softly, more balanced. I thought the 300 best in the 5 positions of acoustic sounds
  9. when we have wireless for vdi?
  10. I can not get a real good tone of my magnetic pickups using vdi cable, the more I turn off the models knob, the sound that comes from the actual pickups is very bad, I know that something is not working, I know the sounds the actual pickup. I only have success when I turn off the vdi cable and run a 1/4 guitar cable to the pod hd. what is the right way to use the mag pickups? thank you
  11. hi, very cool, as always, but the advantage of this system 4 cables would not connect to a tube amp? which advantage of making this method in a transistor amp, it would not be even better, in this case, direct connect the mixer?
  12. guilhordas

    Getting a decent tone out of a Fender Twin with pedals

    hi peter, you have the habit of running the pod direct to the mixer in live gigs? would be very interesting to hear your many great patches in this kind of situation
  13. there was some update to jtb released these days?
  14. guilhordas

    Firmware 2.6

    I did the update and it happened all ok, I changed some parameters of global eq and now want to go back to the original parameters, anyone know the original values of each frequency?
  15. on my clean patches I prefer more using the mixer block to increase volume than compressor /limiter, I think its sounds much more natural. And, instead using volume pedal I like set Studio eq on expression pedal, just using the gain of the Eq.
  16. guilhordas

    Problems In Looper

    Suddenly the looper began to fail, the volume of the recorded sound is very low, and the problem is not in effect lopper, there it is all normal. playback and overdub are on maximum volume, anyone know what might be happening?
  17. I was very excited manly with the peter jcm patches because when I tried the first time it was on a Great PA and souded very good, but after that, I did several gigs in pa not so good conclusion, the jcm manly sounded very bad, conclusion: run the direct pod in the mixer depends almost 100% quality of pa, but not necessarily just the soundman, because sometimes the band is sounding very, very good, drums ,keaybords and bass but not the guitar. because guitar sound depends on many factors, many frequencies and tones.
  18. is this plexi with tube screamer on right? just the fact that you have got this great sound from useless jcm 800 you are already a genius, ahahaha
  19. THE fender patch and jtm are lower than the others
  20. it is obvious that you will need to try the patches of Peter on a good PA, PA well equalized, if not this is so, nor even peter ´s patches will sound good, today I try a pa on anot so good and sounded different
  21. me too , hated and ignored jcm 800, I thought this jcm 800 garbage and completely useless, but after peter everything changed ahahaha . this afternoon I had the opportunity to try all his patches in soundcheck in a venue that I will play tonight, great PA and playing too loud, they sounded really good, even garbage jcm 800 aahahh, and treadplate that I could never be satisfied on pa now got. Thanks peter
  22. hi peter very nice , Im looking forward for this new videos and patches
  23. youre talking about the hd workbench right?