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  1. @mbrooks0711 This is exactly what happened on my side. At boot, the unit shows the last situation. But nothing actually work. switches don't work. Same feeling also. The HX effects is all that I need (and much more actually).
  2. @soundog : sorry for you. For the moment it happened only once to me. Well, I'm not sure if they figured out the cause of problem yet
  3. No Do you mean it happened when you were in HX edit ???
  4. Phil110567

    EP boost

    I'm very fan of the Kinky boost ! Cleans are pure magic tone, really. After OD pedal, the Kinky booster, well, boosts the volume mainly. It tends to clean the tone up, which becomes more touch sensitive. I tried it with my HX effects after the SD-9 simulation. It works great to remove fuzziness I don't use it before the OD or distortion : In this case, it adds distortion. Kinky boost may be used to accommodate different amps and give nice basic tone and touch. If your amp is too bright, remove the bright option of the Kinky boost. If the amp runs hot enough, no need of the boost option of the kinky boost.
  5. THank you all for interest @phil_m I will open a ticket @codameid, @DunedinDragon Nothing special in the patch. Multi-purpose preset with basic delay and reverb. I was experimenting with drive pedals Maybe delay and reverb lines where separated. . No fxloop, direct in the amp input. No usb connected.only my guitar. no other pedal.
  6. Yes, you're right. Yes, this is the problem. As the buttons are not active, it's not possible to change patch so I remain with the problem. Yes, it would be nice to have some kind of emergency workaround providing access to an empty patch allowing to program a reverb a delay and a drive pedal.
  7. After powering up the unit, it froze to the last saved situation. The buttons didn't work anymore. So it's not possible to go switch to and from BANK/PEDAL modes. I'm in version 2.60 I solved the frozen state by switching off and on, while pressing the 2 bottom-right buttons. It seems it resets the presets to the factory presets. So I lost the presets. It seems at a given moment a preset was corrupted preventing the unit to work properly. As far as I backup my presets regularly, this should not be a real problem. But I'm afraid of what would happens during a gig when I don't have a PC to restore backups ?  Do some of you have any knowledge of what to do OR not do to avoid this frozen state ?
  8. Hi there ! Something similar happened to me last week. After powering up the unit, it froze to the last saved situation. The buttons didn't work. anymore. I solved by switching off and on, while pressing the 2 bottom-right buttons. It seems it resets the presets to the factory. So I lost the presets. It seems at a given moment a preset was corrupted and it prevent the unit to work properly. As far as I backup my presets regularly, this is not a real problem. But, what Line6 propose to do when it happens during a gig when we don't have a PC to restore backups ?
  9. Hi there ! Trying to use the HX Effect with my 2-channels amp. No problem with clean channel. No problem when using line6 HX effects internal distortion or OD amazing tone When I engage my amp lead channel, HX Effect cause some noise problems with the amp. - I know that gain must generate some noise - My amp is usually quiet - This is a groove tube amp with high gain capacity but I keep gain relatively low - Other setting WITHOUT HX effect with pedal in front that are not true bypass don't generate this noise - This noise is NOT 50hz hum ground-loop noise, single pups noise, but more shhhhhhhh kind of noise (noise of snake not happy with modern jazz) - When testing, I mute all the effects - The unit is plugged in front (I plan to use the FX loop when this issue is solved) - I compare bypass and engaged tone, Huge difference with noise when HX effect is in line - All the input/ouput are set to instrument level. Is there anybody having the same issue ? Do you think this is the classical noisy HF effects syndrome ?
  10. Thank for your replies. But my topic is related to HX FX not the 'Helix' I've never tried. It seems that at least some of you answered about the Helix. In the HX FX, there are few presets. There are some odd stuff like delay going into distortion, which is legal of course but not with the delay mix they used ! They all sound like if they put different effects together without thinking about setting up each for a consistent global result. Again I managed to create beautiful tones and some usefull stuff for gigs. The interface is very well designed so it is easy. Some presets with parallel routing or 4 cable method would be usefull for starters.
  11. Hi ! I'm considering to create a live rig around the HX FX I like very much. I'd like to add some longer cables. My question is : Is the HX FX buffered or high impedance output ?
  12. Maybe the manual should say it ... It's clear now ! Thank you so much !
  13. Ok ! Thanks ! I understand that I have 6 "Instant command" per preset. So anytime I go in the "Command center" if I program the Instant commands, it affects the current preset. Am I right ? Does it mean that anything in the "Command center" is related to the current preset ???
  14. Hi there, I'm considering using instant access in order to assign external amp setting changes. I've read there are up to 6 instant access to choose from. Once my instant access configured, how can I assign them to presets ? My aim is to be able to change amp settings depending on the preset.
  15. Hi there ! I know about IR as a mean to create cabinet simulation. I can't see how it applies to the HX effect. Is acoustic IR way to simulate typical acoustic guitar response ? For example, is an acoustic IR intended to simulate an acoustic guitar response from an electric ? Do you use acoustic IR ? what kind of usage ?
  16. Okay, I'll try and 'll let you know. Thank you. The problem with levels compensation is that it will depend on the loudness setting in the amp. From Rehearsal to gig it changes a lot and digital overload may occur
  17. You're right ! I think it is odd, too. Depending on the method ("Normal" / "4CM") the same functions are used for different purposes and then we reach a limit in the setup. I'll have to use both loops. So it prevent me from using one for a pedal... Thanks!
  18. Thank you for your answer. Good idea, the send and receive used separately, and not as a pair, with level statemented... Unfortunately "Instr" or "Line" are global settings that are done for the pair and not separately for send and receive.
  19. Hi there ! I'm considering to use the 4CM (4 cables method). That's for the 4CM and the switching capabilities that I bought the HX in the first place. I understand 4CM method very well. "Send" is used to send guitar signal to amp input. "Retrn1" is used to receive Preamp signal back from the amp. Out is used to send the effected signal to the POWER amp. This is clear and well documented but I have a concern with LEVEL settings : In the manual, it said that the Send/Retrn1 may be setup to accommodate either Instrument or Line level FxLoop. It's cool but in case of the 4CM, if your amp has a non-buffered loop, one part (send) should be setup to "Instrument" and the other should be setup to "Line". Of course this is not possible as send and return have to be setup together. What do you think of this problem ? Have you ever heard of a it ? Any workaround to suggest (except using a buffered loop!) ???
  20. Hi there ! I'm new owner/ user of the HX. Discovering. It seems easy to program. Good tone. I did all the updates. Well I feel factory presets are unsuable. I'm used to ear factory presets on FX gear having to much FX, but there it is barely usable. The advantage is that it pushed me to start programing from the beginning ! I've read somewhere that the presets may be corrupted. What do you think about this ?
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