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  1. FYI-Having same lock up issue with specific presets no matter which way I approach accessing them. I now have done all prescribed resets 'following directions' with the same fault. Though it seems that it might take a day or so before it occurs. Back graded to previous firmware 3.1 and have not had the issue occur on same preset. Going to support. Note: When first occurred I had the issue with a preset I downloaded from the CustomeTone page. The last reset the issue has locked onto is a purchased preset from the MarketPlace which has never been a problem before.
  2. Just this evening I too started to get this message popping up. It is repeatable by selecting the same preset. A preset I have multiple copies of and works without the issue when they are selected. It happens if I select the present through HX Edit or if I choose it directly on the Helix LT. Note that I have installed and used the new 3.15 the day it came out and only now is this starting to happen. (Kicking myself, I usually wait and let others break new software or have it break them.) I see one person on here mentioning this issue, anyone else out there? Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks so much gentlemen! Greatly appreciate the information.
  4. Looking for help from the Helix collective. Being a HX Stomp owner I feel a little left out. Yes, I am starting on the low side of the technology by using a Stomp and not currently any of the higher models such as the LT etc. But this is my first dive into using digital amps and effects. So far I am loving it. I use a Roland Gr-55 Synthesizer, though dated-Still has lots to offer. One option I like with the presets on the GR-55, is that I can break them out into text. Basically, you get text that shows the mod or effect and breaks out the settings. Example You'd see "Distortion - ON, Tone - 5, Boost 7, Level - 3" Question is, Is there a similar way to display the makings of a Helix Preset? This way, one could dissect some of the presets from the upper level modelers and try to make them work on the Stomp! Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. And just like that it works!!! What is the trick if I may ask. Also thanks so much for your help and kindness in sharing. DarthHollis Rocks and Knows a Thing Or Two!!!
  6. DarthHollis and people. Thanks for the help but still not able to load this sound in to my Stomp. HX edit doesn't like this one and a few others I have attempted to add. Are you folks suggesting to open the preset in an text document and move some of the effects around? Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. It's apparent that since stomp only has one DSP that attempting to import presets made with two DSPs won't work. Also, presets with more than six blocks are also an issue. How can one edit the presets from other Helix platforms to fit Stomp? Yes. I believe that even though Stomp has some limitations, that being able to edit other Helix platform presets to fit Stomp, even with deleting different blocks, is worth it. Thanks for your suggestions.
  8. Thanks. The loading into HX Edit seems to be an issue I saw it in the forums. It only affects certain presets is seems. Some say it related to a compressor. Yes I am a happy HX Stomp user. Still learning it. Wish there was a document of recommended settings. That may become my job! Please send to jaburke4@aol.com. I will also reach out to you on Facebook. Thanks again for your sharing your ideas and even your presets.
  9. This sounds great!!! Is it possible to show the actual set up you have used? Doesn't want to import through HX Edit. Thanks and greaat work!
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