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  1. Hi together, I'm facing a problem after connecting my TBP06 (from the G30 set) directly to my amp Spider v 240. With firmware 1.05 everything is ok concerning the symbols on the display, left up the battery status and right up the wireless conectivity. When I switch to the newest firmware 2.00, which should be the "better" one, the display shows sometimes different symbols in the left upper corner. It changes, randomly and often, from the battery status symbol to an "amp symbol". See the attached picture showing both symbols. I don't know why and also I don't know whats behind the amp-symbol. Has someone the same behavior or can someone explain the symbols? Thanks for your answers. Andreas
  2. Line6 is obvious not interested in our request, that's a f***ing bad support, even no mod is jumping in to clarify what could be done in which timeframe... really sad!
  3. I fully agree, it's a real pitty that the sw is not supporting this. I'm dissapointed as many other users ...
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