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  1. To anyone having issues with the FS4 light showing up on the Mode button and the DoubleTap to engage snapshot issue...It's been escalated and it's going to be taken care of ,possibly in the v2.92 update.There's a slight chance it might be in the one after that.
  2. Exactly the same problem.Renders the 6 footswitch mode useless for snapshot inclusion.
  3. Solved!...factory restore didn't help.I just kept going back to previous versions and then directly to 2.80.1 and it finally worked. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  4. Already done all of that.The problem lies with the fact that although upgrading to 2.80 was flawless,now the screens are blank so when I hold down the > button and boot it,nothing happens.Blank screens.
  5. This is what I'm getting.The hxfx screens are all blank instead of saying 'updating' .If I try booting with failsafe mode,I get the same.That's blank screens.Updating to 2.80 was a breeze.
  6. I'm having a weird issue.I updated succesfully to 2.80 but when I try to update to 2.80.1 , I get this ''HX Effects Firmware Update Suspended HX Effects did not reset instructing it to enter DFU mode. 1.Click 'OK', then cycle power the unit.'' and if i try to enter by holding down the ''>'' button the hx effects screens are all blank.
  7. I have my guitar connected in the input and the output goes to the amp.When the unit is off,the signal goes through.So there is the dry/bypassed signal from the guitar.When I switch the HX effects on to use my presets,it has no output. Reverting to 2.70 it works as normal when on with all my presets. I backed up all my presets and installed the 2.71 again.I did a factory restore and the unit works as normal.When I try to restore the backed up presets there is no output signal again. It is all very weird.
  8. I updated to 2.71 and there's no sound coming from the unit.If i switch it off the sound comes back.Switch on again and no output. Reverted back to 2.70 and all's fine.Is anyone else experiencing this after the last update?
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